Welcome to Rainbow Medicine Circle!

Let us begin by introducing you to the concept of our community and the people behind it.

The Community

Many aspects of communication and discussions nowadays seem to separate people more instead of bringing them together in a supportive and mutually respective way.

Rainbow Medicine Circle has been created with the intent that this community will be a focus and voice for anyone who has an interest in Personal, Spiritual & Global development. We don’t mean that to sound “heavy man!” – quite the opposite! Our aim is to grow a light-hearted, relaxed, supportive and understanding network of likeminded people who  want to live their highest potential and are ready to shine as part of a new consciousness.

Rainbow Medicine Circle was founded by Steven & Renata Ash, a husband and wife team of therapists, international teachers and gifted healers who specialise in personal development, energy psychology and shamanism. Renata and Steven are recognised worldwide as experts in the field of energy medicine and have researched and worked with the human energy anatomy for over 20 years. Together they developed the Rainbow Essences – a new generation of flower and gemstone essences perfectly tuned to the human energy body and designed to help people embrace change and move through life’s challenges with more grace and ease. They are also the originators of the Golden Light Project, a powerful 13 day program for personal and global healing and transformation that has gained worldwide reputation for its effectiveness and no-nonsense approach to spiritual and personal growth.

Renata Ash

was born in Austria and trained in medicine and numerous alternative therapies, amongst them biodynamic psychotherapy, clinical aromatherapy, Vocal Awareness, PSYCH-K and various forms of energy medicine and shamanic healing. She is an internationally renowned healer, musician and teacher specialising in spiritual psychotherapy and the mind-body connection.

Renata’s extraordinary ability to clearly see the energetic status of the people she works with makes her a powerful healer and coach who is able to pinpoint problem areas and suggest effective ways to overcome challenges and return to a state of balance.

Her work is focused on helping people take responsibility for their experiences and trust in their own ability and power to make changes that allow their lives to unfold in the most inspiring, fulfilling and empowering way possible.

Steven Ash

Was born in Cornwall, England and grew up on Wikwamikong on Lake Huron – an Indian reservation in Ontario, Canada. A man of extraordinary abilities as a healer and shaman, he inherited these talents from his father Dr. Michael Ash, who was the reservation doctor and the first doctor to practice acupuncture in the UK. Steven studied Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Tai Chi and Qi Kung and holds a doctorate in radiaesthesia.

His profound connection with Mother Earth and her plant and mineral kingdom has enabled him to gain extensive insight into the healing abilities of plants and crystals, and to use this knowledge in the continued development and refinement of the Rainbow Essences.

Steven carries the  spirit name Tatanka Wanagi Wichasta – Buffalo Spirit Man –  which was given to him by Eagle Man Ed McGaa. Steven’s vision and life mission is to help facilitate the return of the Rainbow Tribe as predicted by Black Elk, and in his work and through his life he teaches and shares the concept of the Rainbow Medicine Circle as a basis for a healthy, flourishing family and community.

Both Steven and Renata were adopted as spiritual grandchildren by Grandfather Wallace Black Elk and have been appointed as carriers of the Peace Pipe, an honor that is rarely bestowed on white people.

Why do this?

When our daughter Rose died in July 1991, she left us an incredible gift that completely changed our understanding of life. In coming to terms with her death we found ourselves focused on a new way of viewing life as a sequence of events that can either empower or disempower. Looking at our feelings and reactions we began to understand that although we could not alter the experience itself, we could choose how to respond to it.

As we began to look deeper into this new way of dealing with powerful human experiences and emotions, we found that there is a power of Choice located in portals of energy (chakras) within the body that act like prisms to determine the quality of our experience. We  spent more than 20 years researching and working with this evolving part of the human energy system which is now known as the Rainbow Light Body, and our research eventually led to the creation of unique  healing tools  – the Golden Light Project  and the Rainbow Essences.

We love to share our understanding and knowledge through seminars, online workshops, retreats, books and audio technology with humanity with the aim to help others  to understand and utilize their own power to heal and transform their lives.

Thank you for allowing us to make a difference in your life!

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