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A Storm is Blowing

It seem all over the world a storm is blowing, especially in the Arab world. The changes are happening because the old system is caving in on itself. New information is coming through, as we move through this new region of space the overall mass of information reaching us just has to be different. Yes […]

The Fire of the Sun

Today has been the most wonderful day, I can see how persisting with the Golden Light project pays dividends (even better than Shell and heaps better than BP!) It is the cumulative effect of one day building upon another that is so evident. From dawn to dusk I have been supported by my own recognition […]

Soul Family has no agenda

How has your Soul Family day been? I know that it might feel strange to many of you that there is a concept of soulfamily, so lets see what this means. Community and strong relationships with in families has been eroded away, especially in the more sophisticated societies like ours, and yet there is a […]

Golden Light Project within the rich milk of Imbolc

Hello fellow travellers, So we’re off again finding our way into balance within the great cycles. Winter is now moving speedily into spring, the daffodil bulbs are stretching themselves out of the frozen soil. They watch the seasons like you and I do awaiting the push towards  warmth, happiness and expression, this comes as a […]

Staying Centred

It is a simple fact that all we experience – our tastes, feelings, seeing and hearing happen inside us! The reactions and better still responses to the extremes such as anger and pleasure are resonances to external stimuli, which we firstly recognise and then resonate to inside. We therefore need to keep the inner chambers of our experience clear […]