Soul Family has no agenda

How has your Soul Family day been? I know that it might feel strange to many of you that there is a concept of soulfamily, so lets see what this means. Community and strong relationships with in families has been eroded away, especially in the more sophisticated societies like ours, and yet there is a […]

Staying Centred

It is a simple fact that all we experience – our tastes, feelings, seeing and hearing happen inside us! The reactions and better still responses to the extremes such as anger and pleasure are resonances to external stimuli, which we firstly recognise and then resonate to inside. We therefore need to keep the inner chambers of our experience clear […]

Life and Love

I had an amazing experience in a Yew forest under the full moon two nights ago…as dusk fell I walked into the forest but was dismayed that the shape of the land was so different to how I remembered it, the path was flatter and the trees more exaggerated. I ducked and crept through the ancient […]

A New Day is Dawning

My brother David wrote this amazing song in the 1970’s, the words go “A New Day is Dawning, in floods the tide, just watch where you’re standing or you may be swept aside. The ground on which we stand, is falling from our feet. Spread your wings and fly or stay to die” Life is […]

Which Number are You?

There is wonderful magic in numbers! Do you know your birth number? This is the number that describes your purpose in this lifetime and tells you about all the talents that you have brought into this incarnation. Maybe you know your life purpose already – that’s wonderful! But do you live it? The greatest satisfaction […]


Welcome to the new R.M.C Community site. If you are interested in a new way of experiencing and handling your life, then this is definitely the place for you! Please register and join in the exciting community we want to grow. There will be tools, discussions, freebies, help and support, and much more… and it’s […]