Celebrate the 11:11:11 with us!










Hi everyone,

We are so excited about the wonderful  Celebration of Oneness and Love that we are organising for the 11:11:11!

The master number 11 relates to the birthing and anchoring of the new – it signals mastery over the physical realms as we step into the higher dimensions of consciousness and light that are opening for us now.
We will celebrate with beautiful music and chants, drumming, movement, laughter, meditation, sacred ceremony and many beautiful group processes and energy tools that we wish to share with you, as together we step through the doorway of the 11:11 into the new frequencies that will be pouring onto our planet.

Let’s celebrate and affirm the unique gifts that each of us brings to this world  as we join thousands of people in anchoring these new energies!
This will be an exciting and wonderful day of transformation – an awakening created by the divine energies streaming into Gaia combined with the magical power of the heart that each of you brings to the event.

Let us celebrate  the magic of being alive at this time in history and enjoy this wonderful journey in the highest possible consciousness!
In our shop you can find a detailled programme of the event – why not book your place now?

We are so looking forward to celebrating this beautiful event with you!

Much love,

Renata & Steven