Golden Light Project within the rich milk of Imbolc

Hello fellow travellers,

So we’re off again finding our way into balance within the great cycles. Winter is now moving speedily into spring, the daffodil bulbs are stretching themselves out of the frozen soil. They watch the seasons like you and I do awaiting the push towards  warmth, happiness and expression, this comes as a gift for having endured the cold winter and shivering nights.

Tomorrow is Imbolc, the first of the cross quarter mother Earth celebrations; Imbolc means “ewes milk” the lambs are born into these cold spring nights and their first meal is the richest delicacy, colostrum, warm and thick to nourish the uncertain beginning of life.

The Golden Light Project 5 starts tomorrow and for us it’s an uncertain beginning! How confident are you about your future? are you absolutely sure that the universe will supply your needs? How is your faith in yourself and in life? If you are experiencing anything like the way life has been for Renata and I…a roller-coaster, then you need some balance. One day in the flow the next all hell breaks loose!

I need to find balance, and silence, and peace…these are all internal, inside me is the source of all the happiness I want, feel I deserve and desperately need…So I am going to do the Golden Light Project because I need to do it for my Heart and my day to day Life..

So what is new..have you seen the Youtube of lovely little

target=”_blank”>Theo singing the golden light song? it’s also the first video in the right column.

Some of our music is also available as mp3 downloads (and samples) at

If you have the Rainbow Essences please, please use them, they will enhance your experience like rocket fuel! Choose them, muse upon their meaning; they are only flowers, gems and water full of sunlight! Go for it have a party with your soul!

I send you all my best wishes and please keep me informed of what is happening to you, I will be here each day for you, ready to support or encourage you on your journey…as fellow travellers we need each other..this is soul family…Peace and Golden Light for tomorrow…Steven  “I invite Golden Light into the Earth through me”