Butterfly is… Becoming

Yes I know that it is very scary! Transformation and Metamorphosis, changing ourselves from deep within is frightening! Strangely we are all inviting this process into our lives and yet we know that it is horribly painful

In becoming a Butterfly, the fattened caterpillar has avoided death by being gulped down by a bird, or crushed underfoot, it has travelled many miles and chewed on many leaves….and then it gets uncomfortable from the inside…itchy…change is becoming…creating a hard Imago skin it becomes still and TURNS TO LIQUID…feeling vulnerable and frightened and I expect with its God angry, crying and disappointed she feels forgotten and vulnerable…and yet over time the liquid reforms, takes on a new dimension, a new shape into the most beautiful creature with delicate wings, light and elegant, free to sip nectar from flowers and skim on soft breezes…no chewing old leaves and crawling on the ground…Somewhere deep in its genetic memory has been this flicker of remembering that through all the different stages of metamorphosis she has known that her true nature and potential is that of a magnificent bright iridescent coloured Angel.

As a teacher butterfly is teaching us how to remember our potential, yes stop crawling on the ground…learn to trust…yes turn to liquid….remember to trust …feel your shell split in two…remember to trust

How is this process affecting You…does this story resonate?

love to you all for being butterflies becoming.

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  1. thankyou so much for this
    i am crying as i write this… i cannot tell you how much this resonates with me, as i am just now recovering from a kidney infection which came out of the blue. at the time i didn’t know what was happening, was away from home, had no medical diagnosis or treatment and was powerless to do anything. all i could do was surrender to the strong unknown and frightening process of the illness while trying to calm my intense fear and trust that i would somehow come through it. i felt blind and stumbling. the only healing tools i had available were fasting, rest and crying, a bach flower rescue remedy and a ‘copper-silver-gold’ solution given to me by a friend. slowly, unbelievably, the fever, pain and other symptoms began to subside. as it turned out, these were the most powerful healing tools i could have been given. since diagnosis and recovery, i have been slowly making the journey from fear, pain, confusion and anger to trust, joy, understanding and gratitude both for the illness and the miraculous natural self-healing process. it has forced me to change my whole way of living, facing emotional issues and deeply entrenched self-destructive patterns of behaviour. i feel i have to deprogram everything i ‘know’ and start again from zero. i feel exactly like the caterpillar in her cocoon, turning to liquid. reading this i understand i am in an intense, powerful process of transformation, not knowing what lies ahead but somehow through some innate wisdom or distant ancestral imprint, feeling the hint and possibility of something inconceivably beautiful and exciting that lies ahead on the other side of this transformation.
    and it is at this crucial, transformational time in my life that your golden light project has come to me for the first time. i was drawn by the ‘gold’ connection, as it seems my cure was colloidal gold. and you would not believe the amount of times gold in various guises has cropped up in the most unexpected places during this last moon. i feel blessed and honoured to be part of this beautiful healing project. thank you both.
    love and heartsong
    raheli (rachel)

    1. Thank you Raheli for such a heart felt message…this is precisely why we are running this project…Spirit has made it very clear that the work has to be done by those who know pain and healing. My father who was a great healer said to me “read the body as a book, do not read books about the body!” We are learning through our experiences in life, each day I am being humbled by what I experience happening around me, the courage of others, the love that others are willing to share, the humility and smiles that come to me from such unexpected directions. I know the Golden Light Project has evolved through the pain that both Renata and I have experienced, not just the way past, but recent past, day by day the pain of living molds us into better servants because quite frankly we just have not got the energy to pretend. We made the choice long ago to travel down this road as medicine people…and the result is the pain of LOVE…thank you for your heart song Raheli…Peace Steven

  2. Dear Raheli,

    Thank you for such a heartfelt and beautiful message. Every time I have gone into the exercises I have wept and wept. Not sure what is going on, but I do feel the tremendous joy of the connection. I am seeing ( and feeling) the world with new eyes and am full of gratitude. Bless you for sharing your experience. It is so wonderful to hear of the transformational power of this intention. I am honored to be a part of this energy and community of spirit with you.


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