Golden Light Project #6 – a Prayer for Japan

Dear Golden Light Community,

GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #6 is dedicated as a prayer for Japan, visualising that Divine Perfection will manifest the perfect solution to the plight of the Japanese people.
Let us not be drawn into the mass hysteria perpetuated by the media's sensationalism and need for "drama". We have a choice as to how we want to respond to this catastrophe. The Japanese people don't need our panic, our anxiety and our feelings of helplessness. They need our love and our commitment to do all we can to turn the situation around.

Let us together stay in our hearts and focus love and peace towards Japan. Let us use the power of the Golden Light to bring about a solution to the problems that the Japanese are facing, to bring healing, hope and comfort to each and everyone there. We can do this, if we work together and focus our prayers towards the highest good for Japan, her people and all life on our beautiful planet.

If you are subscribed to our newsletter you should already have received an email with details about a healing meditation/visualisation for Japan that we ask you to do daily at 9am and 9pm your local time. It will be most effective if you do this in conjunction with the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT daily mediations and contemplations. Through the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT we are guided to release energetic blocks, beliefs and memories that are incongruent with our true nature. The more we do this, the more we are able to transform our shadows into the light of our Highest Self. And this is really the purpose of our lives – to release the past and all its limitations and to allow the beauty of our soul to shine through our physical form and become more and more evident in our daily lives. As we do this we joyfully step into our service to the Divine and all life in the universe. We hold more and more of the Golden Light of our Highest Self, until we become the light.

Please join us for the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #6 and our Prayer for Japan!

With love, gratitude and blessings,