Golden Light Project No.10

Golden Light Project #10 Global Meditation Project Begins

19th March 2012

This is our heartfelt invitation to join us once again for 13 days of meditation, healing and transformation!

We are already more than two months into this extraordinary year 2012 and what a year it turns out to be! Most people whom we are speaking or working with are pretty shaken by the energies that relentlessly bombard our planet. The one word that comes up in pretty much every conversation is TRUST – how do we live in a world where the familiar parameters for feeling safe are suddenly pulled out from under our feet like an old carpet and the new framework is nowhere to be seen as yet?

It has always been clear that 2012 will be a year of upheaval and change both on the personal as well as the global level. What we probably did not expect is the intensity and the speed at which these changes are manifesting. And most of us find ourselves in situations where we have to let go of control and surrender to the unknown – and that’s very scary!

The Masters of Light have been speaking to us about this since last summer – how to feel safe in a world that is changing literally at the speed of light. We have been learning how to apply their advice and suggestions to our own reality and it has made a great difference in the way we now experience life during this time of transformation.

I think the most difficult thing for us all is to let go and learn to trust. Therefore GLP10 is dedicated to mastering the challenge of feeling safe in our changing world. Over these 13 days of meditation and clearing we will provide you with ideas and “food for thought” on how to ride the waves of change – joyfully, lovingly and trustingly. These ideas and inspirations will come in the form of special emails aimed at shining more light into your life and helping you to surrender and trust what is. The emails are an addition to the basic GLP programme that most of you are already familiar with. They incorporate the teachings and guidance we have received from the world of light so watch out for these special communications!

We invite you to take this journey of the Golden Light with us once again and enjoy what each day brings in insights, feelings and release, knowing that you are in the company of courageous people all around the world, who are willing to rise to the challenge of this time and come out of it stronger, brighter and more loving than ever before.

You can access the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT daily meditations by clicking on the links in the GLP menu shown on the right under each of the language links currently visible. The  Emails will be sent to you automatically if you are subscribed to our newsletter.  If you have not subscribed as yet, please do so now before the start of GLP10 on 19 March.

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We look forward to journeying with you!
Much love and the brightest of spring blessings,

Renata Blue Star Woman

3 Replies to “Golden Light Project No.10”

  1. Here is a comment from one member of our Golden Light from Germany – I am quoting her text here in German with English translation enclosed.

    “Hallo Renata und Steven, ich bedanke mich im voraus für die wertvolle Information die ich bekommen werde. Jeden Tag versuche ich ganz bewusst Licht in unseren Planeten zu ankern. Sobald ein Angstgefühl in mir aufkommen will, lächele ich mich in meinem Herzen an und wiederhole mir ganz fest: Vergiss nicht, wer du bist, du weisst genau, dass alle so ist wie es sein muss. Herzlichen Dank,  Annemarie”

    Hi Renata & Steven, I would like to thank you in advance for the valuable information that I will receive. Each day I consciously work at anchoring the light into our planet. As soon as I start to feel anxious, I smile at myself in my heart and repeat to myself over and over again: don’t forget who you are, you know that everything is as it is meant to be.
    Thank you, Annemarie

    Dear Annemarie, thank YOU for your inspiration! xxx

    Hello Renata and Steven,
    As you know I have been 1000 miles away from home for the past three weeks, and in fact closer to you physically, but events overtook my life and thrust me into experiences that caused the family to close ranks and pour their energy, love and healing to my youngest in her time of need and to her new tiny baby. However despite being unable to communicate as I would have wished via the Internet for the Golden Light Project (GLP) I have been thinking of you every day with a far more secure and permanent means allowing me to be with you each step of the GLP. I believe we naturally attract the light and it is up to us whether we accept it and how we use it. So in short I wanted to wish you and all who have tuned in, to follow your beautiful daily meditations Renata, the blessings of the Angels who guide the Golden Light of the Source to aid us all in our Ascension.
    David back now in Spain.

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