Golden Light Project No.11

Golden Light Project #11 Global Meditation Project Begins

18th June 2012

This is our heartfelt invitation to join us once again for 13 days of meditation, healing and transformation!

We invite you to take this journey of the Golden Light with us once again and enjoy what each day brings in insights, feelings and release, knowing that you are in the company of courageous people all around the world, who are willing to rise to the challenge of this time and come out of it stronger, brighter and more loving than ever before.

You can access the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT daily meditations by clicking on the links in the GLP menu shown on the right under each of the language links currently visible. The  Emails will be sent to you automatically if you are subscribed to our newsletter.  If you have not subscribed as yet, please do so now before the start of GLP10 on 18 June.

click here to find out more about this project…….

We look forward to journeying with you!
Much love and the brightest of spring blessings,

Renata Blue Star Woman