Golden Light Project No.13

golden light project 13

“I Invite Golden Light into the Earth through me”
Begins 13th December 2012

Worldwide meditation project to welcome and anchor the radiant energies of the new Golden Age into our lives
This is the last in a series of 13 online programmes
to bring more light, peace and harmony to our planet and all humanity

The track(s) below are samples of the guided audio meditations
These meditations are only available in mp3 Format and not in written form
There is a small charge for these audios which can be downloaded through the link below from 11 December onwards

Das untenstehende mp3 ist eine Kostprobe der neuen Audio Meditationen
Diese Meditationen sind nur im mp3 Format erhältlich und können gegen eine geringe Gebühr ab dem 11. Dezember über den unten angeführten Link heruntergeladen werden


1) Listen to: Lake of Golden Light Meditation Sample

2) Purchase the guided audio meditations (recommended)

3) Begin the English GOLDEN LIGHT programme


1) Kostprobe von Lake of Golden Light Meditation

2) Herunterladen der geführten Audio Meditationen (empfohlen)

3) Beginne das deutsche GOLDEN LIGHT Programm

What is The Golden Light Project?

A new world is being birthed and despite of uncertainty, doubts and fears we can feel a beauty beginning to unfold, the promise of a world governed by peace, compassion and respect for all life. We are all part of this unfolding –  it is the very reason why we are alive on this planet at this time.

The Golden Light Project was started in 2010 by Renata & Steven Ash as an online healing and spiritual growth programme intended to bring people together all over the world to consciously invokes the blessings of the Golden Light into our bodies, our lives and into our Mother Earth. Since then the programme has been offered 12 times at the solstices and equinoxes of each year, transforming the lives of thousands of people. This GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #13 concludes the present cycle of Golden Light Programmes and leads us individually and collectively into the next spiral of inner work, that is waiting for each one of us at the dawning of the new Golden Age…

We invite you…

From our hearts to join us and many like minded people all around the globe in this project as we create beacons of light all over the world. Each one of us has the potential to be a lighthouse instead of merely a small candle. In fact, this is the clarion call going out at this extraordinary time in the history of our planet and all life on it:

Your light and your input are important and together we can make a difference!

At the Winter Solstice 2012 we will celebrate an event that last happened almost 26.000 years ago. Our solar system will come into alignment with the Galactic Centre, the womb of the universe, the Great Mother from which all knowledge, all wisdom, all power and all healing spring. Being alive at this special time is a wonderful blessing and an unprecedented opportunity for us all to bring about the huge planetary shift necessary to avert global catastrophe and change humanity’s consciousness forever. The darkness is always deepest just before the new dawn. The golden light has the capacity to transform even the greatest darkness and in working with this light you will be showered with blessings beyond anything you can imagine. So let us link hands and step forward together into the light of this new world, filled with courage, love and the bliss of knowing that we are fulfilling the purpose for which we incarnated in this lifetime.

If you would like to support our work beyond the small charge incurred for this programme,then we gratefully and joyfully accept your donation!

Wenn du unsere Arbeit über den eingehobenen Kostenbeitrag hinaus noch weiter unterstützen möchtest, dann freuen wir uns über deine Spende!

There is no signup required any more, the links will automatically appear and be shown daily, beginning on the 1st February in the GLP menu shown on the right, and under each of the language links currently visible.

The songs below are our gift to all of you who continue to contribute to changing the consciousness on our beautiful planet through the Golden Light Project.

Golden Light Track 1. by Steven
Unser Geschenk an Euch – Golden Light Song 1

Listen to: Track 1 Golden Lights

“Club Version” style Golden Light Track 3. by Steven
Oder vielleicht lieber die “Club Version” style Golden Light Song 3?

Listen to: Track 3 Golden Lights

“Then Love Comes from Somewhere” by Steven

Listen to: Then Love Comes

Emperor’s Birthday Party

Listen to: The Emperor’s Birthday party