Golden Light Project No.7

20th June 2011 Golden Light Project #7 Guided Meditation Project Begins

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Another opportunity for us all to get up to speed with the changing consciousness. Renata and I do the same exercises and meditation every time the solstice or equinox comes around we have 13 days of focus… what’s happening… what’s changing in us… how can I/we become more flexible… where do I/we still resist… what am I/we not willing to look at… The Golden Light Projects consist of 13 daily guided MP3 meditations and written guides for you to play and meditate with, along with hundreds of other people around the world,  exponentially increasing the power and focus of our meditations and healing as an extended group.

All this and more! Since the GLP3 Solstice I can see so much has come up for us to look at, and be strong about, to release our judgements… especially in us! How is it for you… are you getting ready for this coming Golden Light Project? and how has it been for you since GLP3? Love you for being out in the world living and wanting to grow and make a difference… Love and Light, Steven If you are interested in participating, click the button above to be taken to the main “About the Golden Light Project” page.

There is no signup required any more, the links will automatically appear and be shown daily, beginning on the 20th June in the GLP menu shown on the right, and under each of the language links currently visible.

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2 Replies to “Golden Light Project No.7”

  1. Dear Renata,
    Your words and comfortable voice reverberate and stretch aeons back into my memory, swinging harmoniously beside my soul, during each day of the Golden Light Project.

    Dear Steven,
    Your melody, wraps soothingly around me, singing a song that lets me be comfortable with my experience each day.

    On each day, both your appearance in the project complete each other.

    The knowledge, experience and emotions that have surfaced and refastened themselves in the last 8 days have been transforming me, and alot of memories and dreams that i could not place in this life have found their place in my soul.

    May your path always become clear, and trust in yourself always renew, in each step of your transformation.

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Jens, thank you from my heart for your beautiful words – they make me happy!
      May you continue to be blessed by the wisdom, radiance and infinite love of your I AM presence.
      With much love,

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