Golden Light Project No.8

19th September 2011 Golden Light Project #8 Guided Meditation Project Begins

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Another opportunity for us all to get up to speed with the changing consciousness. Renata and I do the same exercises and meditation every time the solstice or equinox comes around we have 13 days of focus… what’s happening… what’s changing in us… how can I/we become more flexible… where do I/we still resist… what am I/we not willing to look at… The Golden Light Projects consist of 13 daily guided MP3 meditations and written guides for you to play and meditate with, along with hundreds of other people around the world,  exponentially increasing the power and focus of our meditations and healing as an extended group.

All this and more! Since the GLP7 Solstice I can see so much has come up for us to look at, and be strong about, to release our judgements… especially in us! How is it for you… are you getting ready for this coming Golden Light Project? and how has it been for you since GLP7? Love you for being out in the world living and wanting to grow and make a difference… Love and Light, Steven If you are interested in participating, click the button above to be taken to the main “About the Golden Light Project” page.

There is no signup required any more, the links will automatically appear and be shown daily, beginning on the19th September in the GLP menu shown on the right, and under each of the language links currently visible.

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16 Replies to “Golden Light Project No.8”

  1. Blessings to All in these Times of Great Change and Potential Miracles  and Especially to you Renata and Stephen for your never ending efforts to bring Light, Love & Power on an Ever -Increasing basis to the Beautiful Mother Planet and all the Beings who inhabit Her. I Love You. Power Strength and Glory to you.  Love,  Light & Power, Wealth, Abundance & Joy from Cat. xox

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 1
    How wonderful to hear your beautiful voice again Renata.
    So glad you are with us during this amazing time of 13 days.
    Well, it never ceases to amaze me how each time I join you for these clearing and enlightening meditations the visions of the Chakras are always different and today was no exception.
    And here is a first … my higher self appeared for the first time as female sitting like the image of the goddess of plenty surrounded in a rainbow of colours! Quite beautiful.
    The Stellar Gateway appeared as a revolving golden ball, not particularly bright, but with ribbons of golden light attached all over the globe, floating and wafting as if from an inner breeze. Top opened like a circular gold fan to create the funnel and when the Golden Light poured into the sphere it was as if a light had been switch on inside. The ribbons were still flowing but now a radiance that was not only gold but something else I can’t really describe shining out in all directions, in fact almost blinding as I couldn’t look at it for long. Then as if someone had pulled the plug the GL flowed down the central column through the Earth Star and into Mother Earth ME. I loved your description of the veins of light that channelled the light to every atom of the Earth until she too was a radiating globe of Golden Light.
    Bless you both. Feeling so good and relaxed. Blessings to all who joined us here today.
    Donation on its way.
    In love and faith
    David in Spain
    PS – Loved the Emperor’s Birthday Party!


  3. Dear David, what a wonderful vision of your Stellar Gateway – each GLP takes us to ever deeper and more profound levels of our being, doesn’t it? We are so honoured to have you as our friend, soul brother and member of the Golden Light Family!

    And thank you for your donation – it is really very much appreciated and valued!

    Much love to you and Eugene,

  4. Hello Dearest Golden Light Inviters

    I am really enjoying being part of this GLP 8

    When we started the Golden Light Project two winters ago, we had calculated that there were 13 equinoxes and solstice nodes before winter solstice 2012. The Golden Light Project is about activating each of the new out of the body chakras ( stellar gateway, soul family, past life, upper heart flame, middle heart flame and earth star) and the known chakras (crown, third eye, throat, green heart flame, solar plexus, sacral and base), bringing the whole body energy system up to speed….and bringing them into alignment…the old with the new.

    So GLP 8 is centred around the middle heart flame (8th chakra down from the top), this is the pink frequency of the heart. Being open hearted and being at peace with your higher Self; having confidence in your hearts openness with a high degree of self esteem; giving and sharing, expansive heart love, the inner child being at peace happy and bountyful…I do not mean this to be a lecture…As normal Renata is well on top of the communication and I am coming in with this input in my “enthusiastic Steven” way.

    I am having a wonderful time with this picture I know that I need to stay focused upon getting my heart up to speed in these times of collosal change…Each day during the thirteen days we are filling our newly made “For Friends” Chanumpa-Peace Pipe and sending you all prayers of Peace on clean visible breaths, for your families, for your lives and for your hearts work.

    This project has always been an experiment, we are all learning from spirit how to become better and more authentic human beings. As we see the larger picture unfolding….PLEASE share where you see the how spirit is growing us, breathing and building us…we are a circle…a soul family and we are doing well, we are doing very, very well.

    Thank you my lovely brothers and sisters I send you peace xxxSteven

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 3
    In the past it really did seem like a heavy haversack, but today it was more like a long bag of luminous white net. A bit disappointed that I only got the two areas of concern, with the infinity loops connecting with the first in the Tan Den and the second at the Throat that has been giving me a lot of trouble and at the same time confounding the local medics. No indications as to the origins at this time. I have to confess that I was more concerned with my new found friend Pat in Brazil who is surrounded by forest fires as we speak. So I am diverting the GL to Brazil in particular as it flows down to ME.
    Blessings and hugs to all of our companions and a huge cloud of gentle Golden Rain to Brazil.
    In love and faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 4
    Well, here’s the thing, when we get into the nitty-gritty of the physical self we meet all our feelings and beliefs. So it’s here that the joy ride begins! When the Golden Light (GL) built over the Crown Chakra there was a feeling of great expectation that quickly gave way to a surge of vulnerability. The Crown opened to admit the GL and it was like, I was going to say a nuclear event, but it was more like an electric discharge that produced a horizontal radiance of golden and strangely silver light laced with violet over the top of my head as the GL continued to pour in. No problem with ‘thy will be done’ and I know that ‘my way will be clear’, it’s just taking its time to manifest! Impatience? Well after 2 years I think I may be forgiven. But since time does not exist who’s counting? Gave everything to the Big Guy to sort and I know He will for my highest good. Many, many thank-yous to all especially to my dear Soul Sister Renata and Soul Brother Steven.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 5 … 110923
    Indigo Vision of the Third Eye
    Wow! That was just wonderful Renata. When you invited us to lay our divine desires before God it was as if those who must come were knocking on the door and my hands flew apart in a gesture of welcome as my heart rate soared. Welcoming the next stage of our own divine plan. The limitless space of the Brow was as ever awe inspiring with a myriad of sparkling stars and when I sent the energy out to our fellow travellers, joining us in these precious moments, as each wave of energy went forth it took the form of a huge petal so that I was quickly standing at the heart of a huge white lotus resting on a lake of fathomless indigo blue. The confines of the water were an electric display of golden lightning that joined the column of Golden Light as I sent it cascading down to Mother Earth ME. Truly an electric experience! Golden Blessings to All.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 6 … 110924
    Sky Blue Truth of the Throat
    OK! Back to the old problem area! I don’t know about anyone else but I’m always sitting with straight back and eyes closed as soon as you start to speak. It’s the effect you have on me! Ha, ha!! So, long before you mentioned it Renata, I was seeing flashes of images, situations illuminated alternatively with gold and blue light that were sent apologies and blessings. I know I have been blessed with many gifts in this life and, as in any life I’m told, I have tried to use them all 100%. But I wonder if having lost the physical potential to use a gift, if it would have the same adverse effect on the Throat, perhaps through regret at not having that potential or opportunity any more to use it, or not to the same degree? Not that I complain for I feel more than adequately compensated with new gifts for which I am truly filled with gratitude. I am still filled with a sense of awe whenever I enter any of the Chakras and again with the strobe like effect of the flash backs in blue and gold it became another electric experience. The whole of the area under the influence of this amazing space filled with the Golden Light (GL) was physically affected and felt warmed with a golden glow. When sending the GL to Mother Earth (ME) it was like a golden river streaked with sky blue, but strangely it seemed also to flow to my hands and feet too! Not had that before. So as I reach out to all fellow travellers I see that same radiance issuing from my fingertips to bless you all. And with every step I take on ME I transmit the GL.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    1. Dearest David – my soul brother!
      Just wanted to say that for me you still have the most powerful gift of communication – the bits in the throat chakra are just old memories and they are going fast now!!
      I feel that your gift of using words is unique and beautiful and something to truly cherish and this gift can surely make up for the gifts that you are not expressing in full strength in this lifetime. I know that we do not lose our gifts – they have been inherent in our soul since the beginning of time – just that we choose the degree of expression depending on the purpose that our soul has chosen for a particular incarnation.
      So to me your blessing this lifetime is your immense gift as a healer – and your talent with words is just one very powerful aspect of this gift.
      Much love to you and Eugene and thank you for being here at this time!

      Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 10 … 110928
      Yellow Fire of Personal Power in the Solar Plexus
      Well, I thought it was less than ripe fruit that had given me a gut ache, but as I feel that my gut reaction to events is not what I think it should be I began to wonder! Nothing wrong with the initial colour of bright yellow of the dandelion but I could not say radiant. The unwanted energies of beige and grey were collected in the dark sphere and the laser light from the Brow had within it the now familiar blue electric sparks as it first cleared and then disintegrated the now white sphere, raining the golden drops onto Mother Earth (ME) below. Maybe the lack of movement in our affairs at the moment has brought the feeling that personal power to effect any change is at a low ebb? At the close the Solar Plexus was a perfect sphere, glowing and radiant with golden yellow light. Power to the People! Thank you both, I feel strong again.
      In Love and Faith
      David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 7 … 110925
    Magenta High Heart of Unconditional Love
    How simple and yet how powerful! As you say Renata there really are no words adequately to describe this experience which is different for everyone and yet the same. The Magenta and Gold is such a powerful combination not seen or witnessed anywhere else but felt so strongly here, time after time, each time we meet in this way. When the Golden Light (GL) filled the high heart flame my physical heart felt full and a spreading warmth filled my chest then up to my Throat and down to the Solar Level. It felt as if I was levitating and as I looked down I was aware of the Sacred Triangle of the Triple Heart Centres of Mother Earth (ME) filling with gold and magenta light. I felt at One with All and in faith I will this to be true, not just for me but for all who join us today and in every way, searching for Oneness.
    Many, many heartfelt thanks.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 8 … 110926
    Rose Pink Middle Heart of Self – Child of God
    This time the Chalice was a misty crystal embellished with filigree gold on the rim, stem and base. My Inner Child was again the pale naked child with red hair I have seen before, who seemed indifferent looking to the side, but turned with a cheeky half smile as if to say ‘only joking’. As we have met before in this way there was not much to say but to gaze in each other’s eyes a lot was exchanged without words. As the Golden Light (GL) filled the Chalice the mist cleared and tumbling down to Mother Earth (ME) left a sparkling clear crystal goblet. Ho-oponopono is so perfect and the presence of Guides and Angels, as always, to aid and assist in this important release I hope is felt by all who have the courage to join us on this journey.
    (Just a small point I felt that the guitar was a bit loud for me this time, it did reduce at one point but still not enough not to interfere with Renata’s soft tones. Sorry Steven.)
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 9 … 110927
    Emerald Lower Heart of Divine Destiny
    You asked the question Renata. ‘How are you feeling?’ The answer has to be. ‘Good!’
    This was one of those occasions when as they say. ‘I was out of it!’ When the images of the Divine Destiny paraded before me I was treated to a marvellous multicultural mirror, reflecting all those with whom I now know I must work. Green and pink are my favourite colour duo and the two aspects of the heart seem to percolate through to my physical existence forming the coloured path before me overlaid with the magenta of unconditional love. Again Renata, from what I recall of this experience today, so simple, so beautiful and so powerful. Thank you my Soul Sister and Soul Brother Steven. I am grateful, simply beautiful and so powerful am I.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 11 … 110929
    Orange Hara of Our Own Creativity
    This is an amazing day! We had an Angelic connection this morning that stressed the importance of patience, which you echoed in saying ‘be patient with yourself’. You also, through the Hara invited us to draw into our orbit those who need to come to us. Again an echo of the message. Concern over how we can best use our gifts to help others prompted the response that we need to tell the world and then the world will come to us. You spoke of the power of our relationships in the material world. It seems to me that you Renata are the channel of Universal Mind that constantly advises and encourages us in all our endeavours to help, advise and heal our brothers and sisters. May the Orange Fire empower you, and all who hear you, as it has empowered me through your beautiful words of wisdom. May God bless you and thank you both for your magnificent ministry.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 12 …110930
    Ruby Red Base Chakra of Relationships
    This place has always been one of surprises for me. I saw that the Base looked like a deep red globe of the world with darker continents. When I approached the door of the Red Room the heavy panels with iron hinges, the huge lock and key just disappeared as I reached out to turn the key and I was able to walk straight through into the room. The shelves were clear but for a single sheet that was taken, by the electric breeze that followed me, into the fire and rapidly consumed. I ascended the stair next to the fire to the room above where my friend Patrick was waiting. We sat and discussed the latest letting go of no longer needed contracts and these were carefully taken from the shelves and added to his fire. The remaining volumes and scrolls left on the shelves seemed to be full of electric light. As I came back downstairs I noticed that the Base was now a Ruby Red Globe with luminous red Continents held in the bosom of a deep red perfumed rose. As the Golden Light (GL) surged down on to Mother Earth (ME) it looked like a huge red blanket covering the whole surface of the earth being slowly absorbed but then reflecting back out to a level above the globe creating a matrix of Golden Red protection to the whole of ME.
    Warm and safe! Golden Blessings to all.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 13 … 111001
    Rainbow Earth Star Connection to Mother Earth
    Well, my dear friends, it seems more and more that we are being told to walk our talk in our own way having the courage to step out of our comfort zone and offer our selves and all we have to give to others in need. This necessary leap of faith and trust manifested in a breakdown of our Internet connection just before the meditation started this morning, as if to say you’re on your own now! And so it is with the greatest gratitude that I give thanks for all that you, Renata and Steven, have given to us, your followers on this amazing journey, into our Rainbow of light. I pray with all my Heart and Soul that we will all continue 24/7 to act like Lightning rods channelling Golden Light (GL) from Heaven to Mother Earth (ME) with every breath and every step we take, touching and connecting with ME with every word and every song of Love for our beloved Planet. I send you all Golden Blessings from my heart to yours. Until we meet again. Namaste.
    In Love, Faith and Trust,
    David in Spain

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