Golden Light Project No.9

19th December 2011 Golden Light Project #9 Guided Meditation Project Begins

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Another opportunity for us all to get up to speed with the changing consciousness during this Winter Solstice (the Solstice is generally celebrated on the 21st of December, although the astronomical date changes from year to year – this year the actual Solstice takes place on the 22nd, at 00.22 a.m). Renata and I do the same exercises and meditation every time the solstice or equinox comes around we have 13 days of focus… what’s happening… what’s changing in us… how can I/we become more flexible… where do I/we still resist… what am I/we not willing to look at… The Golden Light Projects consist of 13 daily guided MP3 meditations and written guides for you to play and meditate with, along with hundreds of other people around the world,  exponentially increasing the power and focus of our meditations and healing as an extended group.

All this and more! Since the GLP7 Solstice I can see so much has come up for us to look at, and be strong about, to release our judgements… especially in us! How is it for you… are you getting ready for this coming Golden Light Project? and how has it been for you since GLP7? Love you for being out in the world living and wanting to grow and make a difference… Love and Light, Steven If you are interested in participating, click the button above to be taken to the main “About the Golden Light Project” page.

There is no signup required any more, the links will automatically appear and be shown daily, beginning on the 19th December in the GLP menu shown on the right, and under each of the language links currently visible.

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15 Replies to “Golden Light Project No.9”

    Golden Light Project #9 Comments – Day 1 … 110919
    Vision of the Golden Stellar Gateway
    Thank you Renata and Steven, donation on its way.
    Scanning the body, a ribbon of light spun from above the crown creating a moving cage of light surrounding the whole body, some 90 centimetres from it in all directions, continuously moving and sending multiple beams of pastel light out in all directions.
    The golden funnel channelled the Golden Light from the Higher Self into the Stellar Gateway forging an additional luminescence at the top of the cage sending a strong beam of iridescent golden light out to the Universe. Cascading golden radiance permeates the Earth and fills her heart.
    May the Golden Light bless all who join us on this journey and all who wish to but were not able.
    In love and faith
    David in Spain

    Day 2 Vision of the Silver Soul Star, Soul Family
    Having been this way several times before I can safely say that there is no feeling of hurt or pain. Therefore nothing to forgive but gratitude, to give for all, is in my heart and on my lips. It seems that the vortex is omnipresent now as I witness the spiral of silver light with intermittent radiance like the firework silver sparklers manifesting as gifts of gratitude shooting out to all. My Box of Gratitude is full each day. Even when things do not seem to go my way, I know it is for my highest good, my highest self is blessed and I am blessed. My Soul Family is blessed. I am full of gratitude.
    In love and faith
    David in Spain

    Day 3 White Matrix of Past Life Vision
    Having been given the reason why I must return to UK recently it was no surprise to be taken back to my Prep School that I attended in the 1940’s in Bickington. But the infinity loops were strangely quiescent ! It seems that the baggage has been narrowed neatly down to my early years, but I know this has to be cleared in the physical as well as the virtual.
    In love and faith
    David in Spain

    Day 4 Vision of Clarity, the Violet Crown
    As the Fontanelle was mentioned the headache came, extending down to the bridge of the nose. Then as the Crown opened to receive the Golden Light all became clear, relaxed and open. There was a letting go process that cleared the mind and the body of all unnecessary wants, desires and all feeling of must do. As if I didn’t have to do or need to do anything of my own will any more, just to be. As my opening prayer says: I know it is your will that I am … I commit myself into your care, I commit myself into your service.
    In Love and Faith       
    David in Spain

    Day 5 Indigo Vision of the Third Eye
    It’s a wonder to know where to start !
    Spirals of light zoomed off into the vastness of my ‘Iniverse’ creating a billion stars, a thousand fellow travellers and a myriad masters that peopled my indigo space. It’s a while since I have felt such a feeling of peace, save in the small hours of the longest night. You lost me as I visited everyone of your sparkling fires in my firmament. There is a closeness generating a feeling of brotherhood, of partnership and co-creatorship that is awesome ! Thank you for creating a loss of words but of wonder and peace which I pass on to all.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Day 6 Sky Blue Vision of Truth of the Throat
    A morning outside and bathed in the blue of a sky-blue cloudless sky, held in the hand of Sky Father and working with Earth Mother or Mother Earth (ME) as I call her, joy was the order of the day. But as I viewed the Throat the rod of a slaver was raised above me revealing the choices that were denied me, and I denied others. My truth is laid bare as each layer is peeled away. Ho-oponopono offered release and the resulting aura was seen as all sky blue with whirling specs of gold. This shimmering gift was sent to ME giving her the opportunity to show herself in her truth and vibrant creativity.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Day 7 Magenta High Heart of Unconditional Love
    How appropriate that the High Heart should be envisioned on the day we celebrate the manifestation of Unconditional Love on Earth through the birth of a Master Soul.
    Conscious of the magenta centre and the merging of the descending Golden Light, I witnessed an unexpected transformation into … words are difficult here … an electric mist that seemed cold but brought warmth, that looked nebulous but brought clarity, that felt of no concern but was all loving. How can a mist be all loving? But so it was and is and with my acquiescence descended in a vortex to the heart of Avalon, the Heart of ME.
    In faith I will to be true. Please God let Unconditional Love fill my heart.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Day 8, The Rose Pink Middle Heart of Self – Inner Child of God
    The Vision of the Middle Heart Flame Chalice was a silver goblet through which the Inner Child shyly emerged with rose blond curls, intense blue eyes and a half smile. To realise that this beautiful child held all the memories of my past including joys, hurts and fears brought tears. A gentle hug and intention to allow all to be forgiven and let go through Ho-oponopono, resting her head on my shoulder, resolved to pay attention to her needs in the future, looking deep within those blue eyes we understand each other now as never before. I am sorry … please forgive me … thank you … I love you.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Day 9 Emerald Lower Heart of Divine Destiny
    It’s one of those times when one feels that perhaps, just perhaps, I have let my own will distract me from my true Purpose. The limbo that I have found myself in, for some time, has taught the lesson of patience and to Trust that all is well. The Healing Purpose is alive and well but the place remains a mystery. The future I leave to the only Will I will to be true as the emerald green beckons me back home.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    1. David, I love the way you call our life purpose DIVINE DESTINY – that’s such a perfect description of the energy of the Lower Heart Chakra! I feel that it would do us well to remember at all times – good times and difficult times – that there is a divine destiny for each one of us and that it is at work in any given moment to lead us to our highest potential.

      I know that our souls know that destiny and they won’t let us go too far astray!
      All is perfect and all is well.
      Much love to you dear soul brother and friend,

      Renata xxxx

    Day 10 Vision of Golden Yellow Solar Fire of Personal Power
    All seemed well with a bright yellow centre, bursting with energy, but the energy of what? Egotistical arrogance? I wonder. Until the breath of change and clearance of the Golden Light carried with it flakes of tarnished stress and feelings of the lack of real personal power out into the dark sphere.
    The powerful beam of pure white light from the third eye transmuted the dark energy into Golden Light and Love that showered like a blessing down onto ME. This power of transmutation is within us all and one which we must learn to use to change the shell of the ego into the reality of our true personal power, the power of the creative mind.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Day 11 Orange Vision of Our Own Creativity
    Looking back I see a repeated stepping outside of a place of comfort inviting new experience, often at my own cost, in order to learn or to help others, but not for wealth. The Creative force has been strong on many fronts throughout, and the hara like a vibrant rising sun belies the physical difficulties in this area. Difficulties of my own making giving opportunities for me to resolve with the help of the healing and creative force of the twin powers of the Divine Golden Light and the Nurturing Love of ME.
    Bless you Renata and Steven for creating this amazing vehicle of transformation that just gets better each time.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Day 12 Vision of the Ruby Red Base of Relationships.
    As before the Red Room was bare with empty shelves. The upper room was quiet with Patrage sitting by the flickering fire. He welcomed me as I invited my Angels to be with us. I was directed to two red volumes with gold lettering on the shelf that opened to reveal two ancient scrolls. Patrage helped me to cast them into the flames and I felt the reflected warmth at the base of the spine. There was a similar reflection as I channelled the Golden Light to ME. Like a dark red velvety rose the perfume was strong the colour intense and the feeling serene. I am here I am.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

    Day 13 Rainbow Earth Star Connection to Mother Earth
    It was appropriate that we celebrated the High Heart on Christmas Day and on this Eve of a New Year, albeit a man made event, Mother Earth has responded to me during these amazing days. Four without water, last night with gale force winds and waking today to a power cut with no discernible cause, but cutting off TV and computers, heating and cooling and daughter being rushed to hospital for emergency gall bladder removal. It’s as if things we do not need are removed. Standing like a lightning rod with arms held up to channel the Golden Light through me to ME, and knowing that with every breath and every step I take I will connect Heaven to Earth, like you I will if nothing else, leave Trails of Glory wherever I go. My love I send to you all each day until we meet again.
    In Love and Faith
    David in Spain

  14. Dear David we love you! Thank you for sharing this earth walk with us!
    I am so very grateful for knowing you!
    Blessed be xx

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