Gratitude for Life

Over the past few days I have received several letters from people living in Japan. Some of them were from foreigners living in Japan, others were from Japanese people – and all of them touched my heart so deep that I can’t find words to describe it.

Because all of these people – in spite of the fear for their life that is now a daily companion – speak about hope and love and care and compassion for each other as they face this life-threatening situation. They speak about gratitude, about an appreciation for life, a recognition that life is beautiful and precious and that this beauty is even present in moments of trauma, despair and insecurity.

I don’t find anger in their words, nor confusion – just a deep sadness, but at the same time a breathtaking clarity as they live from moment to moment. They appreciate the beauty of a bird in flight, the subtle scent of a flower radiating its beauty, the love for a friend whom they may never see again. They talk about life going on from day to day and this being a beautiful dance that they are dancing together – even though it may be the last dance for them.

I cannot help but feel that the people in Japan are showing us what is really important in life. They speak with the wisdom of their souls and from the love in their hearts. I am incredibly saddened that it takes a disaster of such enormity to teach us that life is a precious gift, that we don’t live forever and that love is the most important thing when we are confronted with situations that seem too much to bear.

Please don’t let this opportunity for the awakening of your heart pass by.

Feel the pain and the fear of our brothers in sisters in Japan. Also feel their courage, their strength, their hope and their love. Maybe this is their gift to us and all humanity.

Let us join together in the GOLDEN LIGHT MEDITATION FOR JAPAN, let’s do it as many times as we can during the day and in the night. Let us send them healing, love and light to let them know that we are with them through all of this. That we are willing to help them carry their burdens in the knowing that we are all one.

Please email us your prayers for Japan so we can post them onto the Prayers for Japan Page in the right hand menu. Whenever you go to that page please imagine that you turn a prayer wheel as you read through them.

Let us focus the Golden Light together with our love and compassion towards the Japanese people and their country with the intent for a solution that is in the highest and best interest of everyone living there at this point in time. Together we will make a difference.
And let us be grateful for the gift of being alive.

With love,