Only way is up

golden sunrise and bird

The great thing about life being tough is that there is only one way to go when you feel you are at the bottom and that is up.

We are going through a pretty tough experience, as I know most of you are, we are being challenged, as individuals and collectively our shadow is being exposed so that we can contain more light and evolve as a race.

The Golden Light Project is about releasing dross from the chakras and the emotional body so that we can become more loving, compassionate and understanding. The more we take in the information that is available and give it to the Earth to use as she feels, the more useful we can become as humans.

So friends when your heart feels low…go up and bring the light down…when you are at the bottom and nothing seems to work anymore…know that the only way is up!

what do you think about this?

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  1. I love this about the only way is up…it gives me hope about the real me coming to life with courage and conviction. I know that the scars and wounds of the past are being released as i become more humble, grateful and real…bubbles

  2. Thank you for this Steven,
    It is so good to be reminded that times of ‘darkness’ or ‘depression’ are merely opportunities for us to remember that the only way is up. For me it often takes that deep dark place to make me remember to look up.
    Also, the word bubbles… brings to my mind a wonderful way of visualising that ‘dross’ being expelled as we swim upwards, releasing the bubbles as we go… cool

  3. Dear Merry thank you for your message…hey there is someone out there..bubbling up through the turbulant waves. Yes I know the feeling of it being a challenge, especially when it is dark inside…one teacher describes Grace as having three legs like an old fashioned milking stool. One leg is meditation on life living within each of us, the second leg is service to the life that is living through each of us, the third is talking about the wonders of life…this makes sense to me. so thank you for reminding me to swim upwards and let the bubbles of dross be removed by communication. Peace be with you Merry

    1. I very much understand the 3 legged foot stool. It reminds me of the power of the triangle in sacred geometry. I have been working with chakras and light energy for some time.

      Like it was said in your post earlier: “Real healing and transformation are so very possible but the process is not always easy and smooth; sometimes it can even be painful as we are asked to let go of our old identity and become vulnerable like a little child.” I couldn’t agree more.

      I have found that many people are taken back by the possibility that transformation may not be easy and relinquish the responsibility of changing their energy and their lives.

      Thank-you for the courage and dedication of your work.

      Fellow lightworker 🙂 peace

      1. Hi Astara…you have a lovely website..thank you for making comment and contact. I am a crab from the piscean age learning to step into the age of the water bearer. Wonderful lessons are being learnt daily about how to live and I am enjoying learning to communicate this out into the ethers, maybe the angels can hear my efforts… so thank you for responding…bubbles

  4. I’ve been clicking away Passion magazine (just not enough mind space) for a while (although I love shazzie). Yesterday I didn’t. And I came across you guys. I’m glad I did. It’s good to hear your words adn the exchange with Merry. I’m at a crossroads – feeling separate from my spiritual self, missing something in my life, feeling very down, and working at my business which I love (objectively?), but is not enough, and which frankly overwhelms me at the moment. Something’s not working – big time – adn I don’t know what. But i do see myself as a spiritual being, part of something much bigger than me, and I do believe we can make a difference in our world and for each other by communication on so many levels – including the subtle energetic level. I found you guys for a reason… and I will join your golden Light project.

    1. Thank you Su
      I am glad also that you have found us, we are rolling along doing the work that our hearts intend for us to do, no better or any worse than others…just learning to serve with out being holier than thou. I have enjoyed your words keep them coming, lets explore this serving process!
      Our love and best wishes to you & enjoy the Golden Light Project

  5. I’m so glad you liked the bubbles Steven :o)
    The footstool is indeed a nice visual way to remember meditation, service and wonder
    It’s been a while since I posted and that’s again just what I needed to hear right now, gotta love synchronicity :o)
    Su – I identify with how you feel about feeling seperate from your spiritual self. I have been dumbing down my spiritual self for a few years now and it has left me feeling discordant, disconnected (surprise surprise!) not to mention frustrated and stuck.
    Finding this place was a nice boost in the right direction to me (also through Shazzie’s mag)
    Since then I have managed to shift a little, open up to my husband about it and start to work back towards the peace and happiness that I know can be mine.
    Best wishes and love for your journey Su
    And bubbles to you Steven! (I had forgotten I wrote that, in fact read it twice before I realised it was my words haha! So I am re-appreciating my own wisdom – always nice :o)Namaste and bubbles, Merry xx

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