Are you ready to step into your true purpose?

As the year is accelerating towards the Autumn Equinox many of us are feeling the storms that are approaching – both within us and in our world.
That these storms are stripping away our sense of security as they change the world we have known and taken for granted is already certain – we see evidence of that almost every day in the news and in the lives of people we love and know. However, the final outcome of these changes is not yet set in stone and neither is the extent and the manner in which we will experience them – this depends almost completely on the quality and quantity of light that we hold.

So we invite you to join us in the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #8 – a 13-day, free online program for personal and global healing and transformation.
It only takes 20 minutes each day to work with the Golden Light of your Highest Self to raise your own vibrational frequency and in doing so find healing and release. Doing this together with a large group of like minded people not only accelerates your personal process but also ensures that together we create a net of light that has the power to raise the vibrational level of our planet’s collective consciousness. We are part of all that is and therefore – by changing ourselves – we CAN change the world. This is not a wishful dream but a reality that we can either accept and act upon or ignore.
The choice is always ours!

Even if you have participated in previous GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECTS you may be surprised how much there is still to learn and gain.
Your inner space is vast and infinite and there are levels upon levels of consciousness that can be discovered and transformed as you work with the Golden Light and hold the intent to become all that you can be in this lifetime. Isn’t this a wonderful thought to behold?

So please join us – again or for the first time – in creating the highest possible vibrations for ourselves, for Mother Earth and for all living beings.

If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?

See you at the GLP on Monday!

Much love and golden blessings
Renata Blue Star Woman