Day1 of the Golden Light Project…

I have just spent the day on motorways around London, wow people drive so fast! Even me at times when I loose the plot.

At home now, I have had a cup of tea and I prepare a space to sit and have a meditate before I start to make up some boxes of Rainbow Essences…the phone rings…blast! “Hello” says a sweet voice from Germany “How can I get up onto the Golden Light Project?” in my very primitive German I negotiate the website with the sweet voice and show Roseanne how to listen to the meditation…Then I sit back in my beloved Renata’s chair in the office and return to my home in the heart…It is so good to get focused!

I feel so grateful to be part of this, to be the singer behind the words. To know that I am part of something very special that has been always happening to us humans. Finding my way home with the help of others and yet knowing that I have to make the effort to unite my breath with life. It does take focus and yet I know that there is so much assistance coming from the world of what I call “Spirit” Yes at times I depart from my knowing and yet it only takes a tiny trigger, like Rosanne to help me to remember…thank you Rosanne!

So we have begun, and day one is drawing to a close, the sky is darkening we are in twilight.. twixt day and night and I am at peace knowing on a subtle level that I am being useful; as useful as the blackbird singing in the hawthorn tree behind the office! Thank you my friends on this Golden Light Project for standing up to be counted.

I have just had another call from Andrea Hughes our resident Medical Herbalist who is not only an amazing medicine woman but also the mother of our youngest GLP member “Theo” who sings the golden light  (you can watch it, it’s the first video shown in the right column), she has suggested that we put up the golden light dance track for you to listen too  (you can also hear it on the About the Golden Light Project page (it’s track 3) sooner if you wish) .  So dear ones half way through the project the music download will change and you can dance, we need to dance the golden light into the earth mother…  she loves us to be happy and grateful.

Also please remember that we are putting this online for free… if you wish to contribute to the running costs… we would dearly welcome your gift of a donation or, buy our wonderful essences and help your healing (all made by hand, in song and high consciousness in the temple) There are also music CDs, drums and mp3’s… the CHOICE is yours.

Are you using the Rainbow Essences?, remember that they are the foundation and support for the Golden Light Project and they will help you stay in focus.

I could go on but I must remember this is a blog and meant to be short and sweet.

My love and Gratitude to you all for making my life more purposeful… Steven.