GLP8 – Peace within and Peace without

Many people are quick to point their finger at what or whom they regard as the cause of turmoil, unrest, violence and trauma. They are still playing the old game of victim and perpetrator – isn’t it time that we changed our view?

Neither we nor the world can ever find peace and harmony as long as we continue to blame onto others what we don’t want to see within ourselves.
The survival of humanity and the wellbeing of our planet hang on a very thin thread indeed, and the message for those who are willing to hear is loud and clear: The outer world is but a reflection of your inner world – so look within, be brutally honest with yourself and do the cleaning work that is necessary to clean up your inner world. Then watch what happens around you.

Naturally this is a message that many people don’t want to hear – it’s so much easier to blame someone else than to see one’s own shadow. Yet see and transform it, is what we must do if we are sincere about creating a world of peace, mutual respect and compassion. As within so without – as above so below.

GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #8 is dedicated to being at peace despite the storms that are raging all around us. It is about focusing on the light instead of on the darkness, letting go of judgment in favour of compassion, choosing love over fear. Neither of these opposites can exist in the presence of the other.
The world of Spirit is standing by to watch which path humanity will choose. Some people say we are in the 11th hour if we want to save the planet – some say it’s already too late.
I believe that the fate of humanity and our precious planet depends on the choices we are making at this very moment and every moment after that. It’s all about what we choose – and we always have a choice, even in the darkest moments.

As you join the Golden Light Community in focusing on cleaning up our own act and increasing your capacity to  hold and radiate the light, you add your focus to that of countless other people also dedicated to enlightenment and peace. And in this game of maya/illusion it’s all about living in the highest consciousness possible. If you take that choice for the next 13 days of the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #8 then you are really doing something substantial to save the world and heal your own life in the process.

And isn’t that what you want in the depth of your heart?