Golden Domes over the Fukushima Reactors

   Dear Golden Light Family,

Since yesterday I have been seeing golden domes covering all six reactors, as soon as I focused my intent and the Golden Light onto Fukushima! When I saw them the first time I was so overwhelmed and surprised as this is exactly what the Masters of Light have asked us to visualise in our meditation for Japan! Since then several other people including Steven have also seen the same picture – the reactors are covered by Golden Light to prevent further radioactive fallout. When I looked inside the domes I experienced the ice cold white light cooling down the water and the fuel rods in the inner chambers of the reactors.

Today I read in a news update on the Fukushima situation, that in general the radiation levels seem to be decreasing and that there are some positive indications around the site. At present no significant risk to human health has been identified.

As millions of people around the planet – including the Golden Light Community – are praying and focusing positive intents on the situation in Japan, I feel immense gratitude to be able to be of service in visualising and praying for a solution to the problems that the Japanese people are facing. The above news confirms to me that distant healing does work, as long as we take the time to do it! So let's continue to work with the Golden Light and visualise it strengthening and re-enforcing the golden domes especially over reactors 3 and 4, whilst the white light inside the domes continues to cool the fuel rods down. And please keep sending us your prayers so we can add them to our PRAYER WHEELS FOR JAPAN!

A huge thank you to all of you who are taking the time and energy to work with the visualisations! I know we have an enormous amount of support from the Masters, but we need to be available and willing to work hand in hand with the World of Spirit in order to achieve the desired outcomes. When we take one step towards service for the greater good of all then Spirit moves with us and the results are multiplied exponentially.
This is the equation of synergy: 1 + 1 = 11

Much love to you all,