Golden Light Project No.4

On September 6th
we will be starting the GLP 4
Guided Meditation Project

Another opportunity for us all to get up to speed with the changing consciousness, Renata and I do it too you know! Each time the solstice or equinox comes around we have 13 days of focus…whats happening…whats changing in me…how can I become more flexible…where do I still resist…what am I not willing to look at.

The Golden Light Projects consitst of 13 daily guided MP3 meditations and written guides for you to play and meditate along to along with other members, together and so exponentialy increase the power and focus of our meditations and healing.

All this and more! Since the GLP3 at summer Solstice I can see so much has come up for me to look at, and be strong about, to release my judgements about…especially in me!

How is it for you…are you getting ready for the next Golden Light Project? and how has it been for you since GLP3?

Love you for being there, out there in the world living and wanting to grow and make a difference…love in Light Steven

The latest Golden Light Project (Number 4) will be starting on  6 September 2010.
If you are interested in participating,
please register and be notified of the upcoming project.