Golden Light Project 4 day 1

So this is the beginning of day 1, how are you all doing? Please use this forum so that Renata and I can support you through this autumn project…and you can support us also, we need you as maybe you need us.

Each of us is a mirror for the others “same, same we are all the same” inside each of us is the same life force calling for life to happen, we are humans trying to make the grade. Enjoying the unique qualities of being different and yet always deep down knowing that we are safe in numbers, in groups and communities..thats true is’nt it!

So lets be the wonderful individual beings we are and  empower the Earth grid as a community with the Golden Light pouring down into us…If any group Earth Healing Mission comes up during the project please tell us, so that we can include the group as a whole.

Love and Blessings…Steven

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  1. Well, I thought that I was signed up for GLP 4, but nothing showed up in my inbox for what we should do this morning. I received a subscription confirmation yesterday. So did I not register properly? Please let me know. I still have the links from GLP 3, do they still work? Is 4 the same as 3?

    1. PJ, same thing for my friend and me! I have sent an email to Steve and Renata already. I was so psyched to begin this morning. Awoke at 7 a.m. ready to start and alas!, no email like we received during GLP#3. There must be a glitch somewhere. No, I don’t believe the old links work. I know they didn’t after GLP#3 ended. BTW, GLP#4 is totally new, not a rerun of GLP#3.

      1. Hi Susan, I just checked your status and have added you manually to the GLP list. You only subscribed to the main news list. I’ll send you an email with the link to the PROJECT LINKS PAGE from which you can access the daily lessons and meditations!
        With blessings,

      2. Hi Susan, just to correct you there – GLP4 is not totally new. With this program we are completing the first spiral of the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT. Spirals 2 & 3 will take us up to Winter Solstice 2012 and we will see what Spirit has in mind for those.
        You are right in one sense, though – GLP4 is very different from GLP3 with regard to the energies involved. Please read the comment below that I posted for our wonderful friend David – I think it explains it all.
        E-mail with link is on its way!
        Blessed be.

    2. PJ, did you get my email with the link?


  2. I have not received today’s meditation yet?! I know that in GLP#3 I always got it during the wee hours of the morning EST. Just checking to make sure I wasn’t left of the list somehow! Thanks!

  3. Hello Renata and Steven,
    So great to hear your voice again Renata.
    You know having invited the GL every morning since GLP3, as requested and asking to be the lightning rod 24/7, I imagined it would all be the same as before! Ha, ha!
    As soon as the heart was mentioned golden vortices of light beamed in all directions. The power of this group is tremendous … feels like every corpuscle within is vibrating with the Golden Light leaving me buzzing.
    I send a big Golden Hug to all the group and especially all the newcomers.
    Welcome and enjoy!
    Thank you all so much for being here with me.

    1. Hi David and what a pleasure it is to have you with us again! I cannot imagine a GLP without you! And thank you so much for your donation – we really appreciate your support in all the many ways you show it!
      I have had many people say “oh it’s the same as last time”, but as you so rightly say, nothing could be further from the truth! I feel it’s the vibration and consciousness of the group doing the GLP which determines the energy that is made available by Spirit. It is so beautiful, really! I find it humbling to feel the attention and love that the world of Spirit is giving to this project and to each and every person involved in it. So many blessings come from it!
      Please keep posting!
      All my love to you and Eugene,

  4. Michelle says:

    Hello Renata & Steven,
    I only found out about the GLP yesterday and felt drawn to take part.
    I have only just seen the email with the links etc. and found that I had been doing some the things needed through the day anyway 🙂
    The meditation felt good I still feel light 🙂 I look forward to tomorrow’s meditation
    Thank you

  5. I just found out about the GLP today from a friend. I am a daily meditator, and would love to be a part of the GLP#4. I signed up on the GLP page but there was a disclaimer indicating i would not be added to the list. Is there anyway of being included? Love and Light, Rochel

    1. Hi Rochel..did you get into the GLP4? if not send an email to and Renata will put you in.

  6. Hello Michelle…good to see you are in from day one; here we draw in the golden light to saturate the whole body energy field with the light of Grandfather Sun, the planets of our solar system and all the down pouring influence of the cosmos. When we stand on the Mother Earth we cannot but receive the wonder coming down upon all life…now we consciously invite the opportunity to be a funnel for this universal libation.
    Tomorrow is the silver of the Soul Family, we will be inviting the Golden Light to enter all life that directly influences us, our food, plants and trees, flowers in the garden, human friends, the growing family of like minded souls who are the future change. Linking arms we make a huge circle of life longing for itself; becoming and being in balance. Thank you Michelle, David, Susan and PJ for getting the forum off to a good start. Write in your experiences, please share the wealth of your hearts growth….Sleep well friends
    Love in Light

  7. Greetings! Thanks so much for leading us into such a beautiful common purpose. I am so excited to be joining you in the Golden Light project, and so happy to be finding like minded and purposed souls. My hands were tingling with the energy all day even before I did the meditation. I felt the connection the minute I awoke this morning, and it remained all day.
    Is there a particular time that we might meditate together? I know people are all over the world, so even though space and time are illusions, perhaps we could set some times that we’d know others might be meditating at the same time.
    Blessings to all!

  8. Forgot to mention yesterday that when the gold globe of the Stellar Gateway opened to receive the Golden Light the funnel took the form of a multi-petalled golden lotus.
    So again today as the GL poured down the sphere opened again and the blossom accepted the GL, allowing it to descend down to the Soul Star.
    When the silver sphere was full it radiated GL in the finest beams of light, finer than the twinkling of any star in the midnight sky. I felt good, but the one feeling that I got was that this all seems to be about me when it should be about our beloved Mother Earth (ME).
    Renata’s words were long gone and I was still in that special space cherishing and loving the Mother, Grandmother, Gaia, call her what you will, the being whom I love so much. As I watched I saw tiny pinpricks of pale golden light dotted over her surface and realised that they represented you. Yes, all of you joining with me in this most important work of love.
    Bless you all.

  9. Michelle says:

    I still felt light in my being from yesterdays meditation this morning 🙂
    I found today’s meditation excellent again I feel light (not ungrounded) as if I had been on a fast!
    I feel the energy flowing through me, I’ve done some meditating before but nothing has felt like this and it was so easy thank you, thank you, thank you for providing these tools and GLP to experience and expand to others and Mother Earth, Universes. . .

    I really enjoy the preparation steps especially the the song of the sacred directions but can I ask what the words are for the Spirit of the east part? I can only catch bits of it the rest of the song I can understand well:-)

    Thank you 🙂

    Michelle x

    P.s I also felt the cleansing effects tears of joy/sadness? not sure which. and small amount physical pain in sinus area. hope that’s useful.

    1. Hi Michelle, lovely to hear how you are experiencing the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT!
      The Song of the Sacred Directions for the East goes like this:
      Spirit of the East, Spirit of the East
      You help the new dawn in me/us rising

      Very poignant words considering what we are doing, don’t you think?

      1. Michelle says:

        Thank you
        Now the song makes sense!!
        Blessings x

  10. GLP4 – D3 – 08.09.10
    Good morning dear friends.
    So, apart from the ever present return to my childhood and the trauma of the step parent, who thankfully was able to move further away this time, there was a tiny area at the back of my neck that seems to be inhabited by a mischievous imp. Perhaps that’s why I get a constant neck ache! Guess I’ll have to return here and let him go later. It is amazing how we hang on to experiences for so long isn’t it? In my case for 65+ years. At the close of the meditation the lattice was a snowy white train down my back and the GL forged down to the earth. (When I do this its as if I’m hovering some distance above the earth.) The light hit the surface of the earth and exploded out in all directions covering the whole surface and then soaking into the body of the globe. After a few minutes the earth began to radiate a warm golden glow. Beautiful!
    Hugs and blessings to all.

  11. GLP4 – D4 – 09.09.10
    Hello fellows travellers.
    What a joy! That the Golden Beam should enter the body into this closed sphere that gets no light yet thrives on light! Not only that but enhances the activity of its minions throughout the body.
    Are we not blessed to receive this fantastic gift into our already blessed bodies?
    Have to say I felt a bit like a lighthouse and when the heart was mentioned opening, exuding from it was a golden Arum shaped lily. Then, when as usual the GL found its way coursing through the body down to the Earth, we have the added benefit of really feeling that we are doing some good by channelling the GL to our beloved ME. I constantly ask: Let this be Your will Lord.
    So many changes happening to us at the moment I always ask that it may all be according to Divine Will. Those changes we are proposing are radical to say the least and there were many daunting uncertainties. However things are beginning to slot into more manageable places. Thank you Lord!
    Blessings to all

    1. Dear David…thank you so much for your ability to see so clearly and describe in such pictures.
      I feel such a strong sense of practice, practicing this experience of being a useful human right down to the smallest detail. I do not always get it right in fact I sincerely feel further away from the source than I did ten years ago..and yet in another way I feel closer because now I can see that I do not have the power to control the out come for me or for others. Your experiences with the GL re affirms for me the joy in becoming older and less controlling, and how blessed we are to just learn to BE and respond to the opportunities that are presented to us…thank you David for your consistent quality of Love…Blessings from Angmering

  12. GLP4 – D5 – 10.09.10
    Hello all,
    Hope you are all enjoying the experience of the light. The awakening of this level is the greatest joy in whichever way is right for you.
    And … Wow! What an amazing 5th Chakra, but hey! Before that I have to tell you about the entry of the GL into the Chakra train from the opened Stellar Gateway. All went well until I reached the Crown. As the light entered the gold sphere in preparation to flow down to the Brow, there was like a mini explosion and through the golden lotus opening a ring like one of Saturn’s rings spewed out and circled round my head. Not like the Saturn variety, with multiple rings, but the flat surface covered with what looked like the facets of diamonds in all the different colours circling round and reflecting the colours around me. Awesome!
    The midnight blue with stars was just the vision I have of my own endless Universe peopled with all my team. Thank you Renata. Those changes I spoke of before were reprogrammed into the vision, seeing them all in brilliant colours, and the GL charged with indigo found its way down to ME. Suck a peaceful event after the mini explosion of the Crown and the combination of the blue and gold over the earth was beautiful to behold.
    Can I ask? However this experience occurs to you accept it as the joyful blessing that it surely is!
    Love and blessings

  13. Hello Steven and Renata. How blessed was I to come across your website and GLP4. In since day 1.
    Interesting swings of energy, ‘nothing new for me’ BUT feel considerably lighter and more energised. Meditate every day on my own and it is soooo special to be guided by your sweet voice of clarity Renata and your instrumentals and vocals Steven, in the background.
    Sleep, poor first night very deep since and after waking this morning at 6 am.
    Drifted back to sleep into a deep dream. A familiar place I had been before and lost my handbag this time. Everything I had was in it no money to get home – no problem – an earth angel offered to take me home – at which point I awoke feeling grateful that there is always help – no matter what – and on the practical level grateful that it was a dream and that my handbag was not lost ho ho ho!!!
    Will send for some of your CD’s and essence to use for myself and in my work.
    Many thanks.

  14. GLP4 – D6 – 11.09.10
    The Throat … bit of an odd one this time:
    Conscious of myself and having denied not only my own truth and purpose, but due to my being told for so long that I was less than useful, I know I denied others the same to prove I was more capable. Forgiveness was therefore working in all directions today. The picture I received was strange in that I recognised nothing! I saw the face of a young East Indian lady and behind her a red brick block of flats about four or five stories high surrounded with green trees and a brick wall. Try as I might I could not see beyond these images and have no idea what they mean! I guess time may tell.
    Although I have done many things in my life and am blessed with many talents I feel there is still a lot to do. The real purpose is before me on my return as the East beckons.
    Bless you Renata and Steven for being there for me.
    Love and sky blue blessings.

  15. Dear Friends, although I am at the moment in Austria and working long hours to help the people who come to me find a way through their inner blocks and resistance, I take the time each day to find a computer so I can access your comments on the Community website and on Facebook. And each evening as I sit reading about your experiences I am moved to tears – tears of gratitude, tears of appreciation for the beauty of your souls that shines so brightly through your words and tears of love for the courage that each one of you shows. The courage and the determination to be the best that you can be no matter what. I deeply honour and respect each and everyone of you and the very special journey we all are on.
    And I feel such a deep connection with you – an inner knowing that soul family is coming together with the desire to help each other move forward, remove the shutters that keep us from seeing our true beauty and power, to acknowledge each other as one of the Rainbow Warriors – the people who will and are already making a difference in the world.
    I know life is difficult for many at this time in human evolution – Steven’s and my own life are not exempt from the trials and challenges! And as we all are becoming more and more sensitive and perceptive through the continuous opening of our 3rd eye chakras we also feel the pain around us all the more. The pain of our fellow travellers and the pain of Mother Earth. And we weep with them and for them and the stream of tears washes away the dark stains of the past and with each tear an new brightness bursts forth.
    As I work with people I realize that we all carry so much baggage and I know with certainty that some of the struggles we experience are a reminder to let go and to enter a new level of trust in the love of the Divine Mother and our Heavenly Father who know each one of us by name and care for our wellbeing more than we can ever imagine.
    Let’s hold this thought as we go through our daily challenges. Let’s make a decision to trust and to be the love that created us and makes us anew each moment of our lives.
    I love you all more than I can say and I know that you can feel my love as you read these words.
    And I also know that infinite blessings are pouring onto each one of us as we continue to follow the path of the Golden Light. My prayer for you is that these blessings may manifest in your life in the most beautiful and life affirming way possible.

  16. GLP4 – D7 – 12.09.10
    Well Hello again on this beautiful Sunday,
    Such a lovely feeling in the high heart.
    Thank you Renata for a beautiful meditation and your lovely poem.
    Not a lot to do and not a lot to see here, except that when the magenta Chakra filled with GL it seemed to issue gossamer wings from within that waved in front of me reflecting all the heart colours of magenta, emerald and rose. Wonderful feelings of warmth and love throughout and the GL laced with pink flowed down to ME and again the reflection echoed the colours of the heart centres out into the cosmos.
    Truly beautiful.

  17. Hi David it is truly wonderful to see how differently your energy body is now reflecting the golden light. Your chakras are beginning to show their innate beauty and magnificence after all the clearing that you so courageously have been doing over past GLPs.
    Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in your experience! It confirms to me that it is indeed very much worth while to repeat the Golden LIght Project over and over to reveal the brilliance of the diamond of our true Selves.
    With much love and golden blessings,

  18. Just to say a heartfelt Thank You to both of you. Yes indeed we in my little family have many challenges. Also so much to be grateful for. Your meditation is so very touching and uplifting at the same time. Indeed we are all in this process together.
    I have a request.
    Am hosting a Reiki Share on Saturday and feel that the group would much benefit from listening to Todays meditation. You mention that the CD is for our own use only. However the RS is not for profit. We just share with each other no cost involved. I also feel and hope that when they hear your beautiful voice they may be encouraged to order the CD for their own use as I have done.
    As to my experiences, another disturbing dream this morning, leaving me feeling desperate, soon shifted into joy and gratitude after rising for the day. During the meditation. Don’t see in colour or pictures but FEEL tingling and expanding a few tears of joy, sadness, regret and joy again. Lovely.

  19. GLP4 – D8 – 13.09.10
    As you say Renata … ‘doesn’t time fly, already on day eight!’
    Have to tell you again that yesterday was great, but when I got to bed and lay down it all started to happen. I started to cough and could not stop and for the next hour or so had to sit upright downstairs, resorted to hot honey and lemon and got rid of all sorts of stuff no longer required!
    This GLP sure is powerful stuff.
    Today, as before, my chalice was crystal and seemed to be made of frosted glass. The child has grown and appeared as a naked ten year old boy/girl who I called he. He was just very sad when we met this time and seems to be taking on the appearance of Uriel; reddish blonde hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes with an androgynous look. It was me that had the tears and we comforted each other, resolving to keep in touch. At the finish when he had returned to the chalice it became pure shining crystal and when I touch the bowl had a beautiful high pitched ring to it.
    Bless you both Renata & Steven.
    I do hope the other Travellers along this road can work through and receive as much as I do from your brilliant meditations.
    Much love

  20. GLP4 – D9 – 14.09.10
    Yesterday left me feeling a bit drained and when I started to work, trying to take action to promote the move, I had to stop. Jittery feelings in the chest, I guess a bit like your little bird wanting to fly Renata so a more gentle day was called for. In fact I felt I wanted to curl up like a baby and just go to sleep!
    Today green came down to a single green agate cross that felt just right. Precious Chandon incense which I found was still left from my trip to India felt more appropriate than white sage and its beautiful perfume filled the room.
    Healing takes many forms and as you know is close to my heart … no pun intended … trusting is the difficult one when you constantly feel you should be doing something! But when I gave the intent to trust come what may the true self appeared as a separate inner being. Strange to say I know but that’s how it appeared, in same form and size as me but of an ethereal nature with almost a gossamer body sparkling with the magenta, pink and emerald facets slowly merged into my physical form.
    How humbling and really beautiful this is! Tears are close!
    I trust that my new true purpose will be laid before me very soon.
    Thank you so much Renata. Hope all is well in Austria.
    Love and blessings to you both and to all our fellow travellers.

  21. Michelle says:

    Day 8 yesterday was wonderful my child appeared to be about 6ish she did not speak but she jumped up and had a hug she also appeared in an angelly outfit. I was unsure of the manifestation of the chalice as seemed garish but when she returned it was much mellower.

    I often use lemon water to help clear mucous but had not tried with pepper before wow that certainly cleared it faster!

    I still feel light.

    Love and blessings

  22. daphnerose says:

    Dear Renata and Steven,
    Thanks so much for these beautiful meditations. They are all very powerful. Whenever I just say “I invite Golden Light into the Earth through me” I feel a charge of energy coming down through all the chrakas to the base of my spine and then I feel it go down my legs into the Earth. I participated in the GLP3 and I have been using the meditations everyday since then. I live on a farm with a big garden and orchard, and I often walk through the orchard sending Golden Light out to the trees. Lately I have been touching flowers (usually roses) or the tips of tree branches to my brow chrakra, and feeling the energy from them at that point. I feel very loving toward all beings. Thank you so much!
    Much Love and Light to you!

  23. Thank you, thank you from my heart Renata and Steven!!! I love this golden light project and I`m deeply grateful to be a part of this community….but this time it is totally different. Yesterday I tried to get into my meditation and it was impossible to advance. The dogs barked, my husband came in ( he never ever did it before!!) and asked something unimportant…and at last my cd-player broke down…. I was so enervated and lost in dispair. And since I started the meditations I feel ill and tired and lonely… what does that mean? I`m sure that there is a message in betweeen, but at this moment I cannot discover. The first time I made this golden light I felt free, secure and borne. It was so wunderful to “fly like a butterfly” and I was in a deep love with my existence. So I would like to have all this feelings this time too.
    Perhaps saturday will be the day of enlightenment and it will be pure and clear….i hope so.
    LOVE and blessings

    1. Dearest Maria, just sit back, take a deep breath and release it, allowing the outbreath to take with it all agitation, disappointment and any ideas about how this process of the golden light project SHOULD be for you. Just remind yourself that everything is as it is meant to be, and you are well and looked after, loved and cared for.
      None of us have any idea how the golden light process will affect us. Each time you do it, it will be different, as each time you work through yet another layer of past conditioning, old memories and traumas and karmic ties.
      Allow the clearing and cleansing process to take place – become an observer of your process and say to yourself when you feel upset and confused: What an interesting situation this is, isn’t it? As you become the observer, you will find yourself becoming detached of what’s going on. You return to your center and balance can be restored.
      Watch yourself and your process and flow with it instead of insisting that it be any other way. The universe is created in perfection, you are created in perfection and your life – even if you can’t see it at the moment – is perfect.
      Trust yourself, be courageous and smile – remember, the sun is always shining beyond the clouds!
      With love and many blessings to you my dear soulsister,

  24. GLP4 – D10 – 15.09.10
    Now the real work starts!
    In the beginning I was surprised and pleased to see that the Solar centre was a good yellow colour but like the dandelion flower itself a very spiky energy, I guess a representation of the ease with which I am easily roused and become frustrated when things don’t go my way!
    There was not much to send to the dark sphere and the laser gaze transmuted the energy to pure white and gold that shot up and out and then down to the earth like a firework in two bursts of energy as the sphere disintegrated. I was left with a warm centre with spikes replaced with beams of soft radiant golden light. Feeling good, but Eugene thinks I am a bit spaced out since this GLP4 began!
    Golden pears and nectarines on the menu today.
    Many golden blessings to all.

  25. GLP4 – D11 – Thursday 16.09.10
    In my orange ‘T’ I set before me my special optical gold calcite wand.
    Oh my … !
    Now this was not what I expected!
    In past GLP’s I have given small bits of the past and present to my creative fire but this time I was amazed that I was able to give the whole of the last seven years of my life in Spain as if it were a time of limbo despite all that I have created in that complete period! The orange rays went down to the earth and I was oblivious of their effect on the earth except that an immediate refection to me of a golden fire surged up through my legs filling my whole body until I looked like the golden robot from Star Wars, 3CPO I think was its name! I feel so empowered its magnificent!
    I looked up and the picture of Sai Baba, in his orange robe, with his hand raised as if he was giving me his blessing looked down on me and completed my feeling of being truly empowered and blessed.
    Thank you so much Renata and Steven, you are wonderful.
    Orange blessings to all.

  26. GLP4 – D12 – Friday 17.09.10
    Good morning all. The Base proved to be a very powerful experience!
    Wearing ruby red the base Chakra appeared as a sphere composed of swirling ruby and vermilion red energies. As you started to speak Renata it was as if I was taken over and my body became very tense. Hands in fists and legs bent with feet off the floor and arms bent as if fending off an adversary, even tension in the breath too.
    The Red door had the symbol of the Universal Ohm. Most of the shelves now cleared with just a paper or two left behind, but a large section remained in the corner opposite the fire. Surprisingly my guides just threw the remaining scrolls, books and contracts onto the floor and together we literally shovelled them onto the blazing fire. As the flames shot up they illuminated the staircase behind the fireplace and I could just make out the face of the keeper smiling down at me from the upper floor as if to say not this time but next time. I cleared the few remaining papers and left the lower level of the contract library clean and empty.
    As I came out of the room I was still tense and the breathing took some time to settle. The base sphere was a glowing ruby red and I felt as if I’d been through a real battle as the red energy flowed down to ME, leaving me feeling quite exhausted. Warm chicken in the pot with red peppers and red apples today.
    Many thanks and blessing to both of you. Love David.

  27. GLP4 – D13 – Saturday 18.09.10
    Congratulations to all fellow travellers who have made it through these thirteen wondrous days to the finish line.
    For me this is the day of the butterfly. I wear a carved green jade butterfly as a symbol of the transformation I feel I have made during this amazing time.
    Thanks are not enough Renata and Steven, but thank you I do for your blessings in words and music that have carried us all through, sometimes difficult days, to this ultimate day that is in itself a beginning as we look forward to the start of the next Golden Light Project in December.
    You should both be secure in the knowledge that you have been the instruments in bringing brighter beacons to walk the earth spreading the Golden Light with every step we take.
    As I say thanks are not enough so for all you have given us, I believe I speak for all when I say, we return tenfold to you the blessings of the Golden Light.

  28. daphnerose says:

    Dear Renata and Steven,
    Thank you so much for this project. I feel so blessed to participate with you.
    As David says, may the blessings of the Golden Light return to you and bless you tenfold.
    Much love to all of you!
    Daphne Rose

  29. Hi Renata and Steven,
    I started GLP4, but I only made it to day 6. I became quite unwell, due to some homoeopathic and energy healing I am receiving, nothing dangerous. I have always been unable to meditate. I was really enjoying participating in GLP4. The daily preparations and guided meditations seemed to suit me. Do you have any suggestions that might help me to meditate regularly between now and the next GLP ?
    Thank you very much.
    Paul Grant.

    1. Hi Paul, I would like to suggest that you invest in the downloadable version of the MP3 meditations available through our shop under Golden light Tools. We also have the complete Ebook available for download or you can purchase the printed version of the Ebook and the CD version of the meditations. That would be the best way to keep up a regular meditation practice. The golden light will begin to clear your energy channels so that meditation eventually will become easier and you will begin notice a difference in your daily life. BTW, everyone is able to meditate – for some it takes a bit more practice and determination than for others, but that’s the only difference. Just give it a try and you will be positively surprised at how quickly meditation becomes natural, easy and enjoyable for you!
      Sending you blessings and love,

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