Golden Light Project No.5

1st February 2011
Free Golden Light #5 Guided
Meditation Project Begins

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Another opportunity for us all to get up to speed with the changing consciousness. Renata and I do the same exercises and meditation every time the solstice or equinox comes around we have 13 days of focus… what’s happening… what’s changing in us… how can I/we become more flexible… where do I/we still resist… what am I/we not willing to look at…

The Golden Light Projects consist of 13 daily guided MP3 meditations and written guides for you to play and meditate with, along with hundreds of other people around the world,  exponentially increasing the power and focus of our meditations and healing as an extended group.

All this and more! Since the GLP3 Solstice I can see so much has come up for us to look at, and be strong about, to release our judgements… especially in us! How is it for you… are you getting ready for this coming Golden Light Project? and how has it been for you since GLP3?

Love you for being out in the world living and wanting to grow and make a difference… Love and Light, Steven

If you are interested in participating, click the button above to be taken to the main “About the Golden Light Project” page.

There is no signup required any more, the links will automatically appear and be shown daily, beginning on the 1st February in the GLP menu shown on the right, and under each of the language links currently visible.

We still recommend you signup for news and announcements (use the signup form in the right column) from us to be reminded, and not miss upcoming events and offers such as this one in the future.

31 Replies to “Golden Light Project No.5”

  1. Had to post that I had really good results from the previous projects. I tried to stick to set times, bit a few days I had to find some quiet space when I could. I have to say that each day there was an improvement in how I felt, but I gained a calmer perspective as time went on by continuing the exercises I needed. Thanks guys. Looking forward to the forthcoming project to focus me again.

  2. Kathy Hoskins says:

    I want to register for GLP #5 but have been unable to do so. it says my email in registered but when I enter it, it says it is not there. My old email address was could someone help me get this straightened out so I dont miss out. thanks

    1. Hi Kathy, I am not sure what’s happening with your registration. The GLP5 will start on 1 Feb. 2011 so there is still some time to sort out your registration problem (note there is no need for registration to participate, just use the links in the right menu under the appropriate language choice). I will ask our webguy to have a look at your post and perhaps suggest a solution. Hope this helps and looking forward to joining with you for GLP5!

  3. Hi Kathy. Not sure what you mean – you are not registered on this community, but are registered on the general Rainbow Medicine Circle news mailing list, but not on the Golden Light Project list with that old email address – I have just sent you an email request to join the GLP list to that old address so simply follow the instructions to be included – as you guess I can only use that old email address. if you want to use a different address, then click the register now button above and enter your details with the new address. Any problems, let us know.

  4. Wendy Harmic says:

    Holyday greetings. 🙂 Things have been amazing since the GLP3 project I participated in. ( Was there a 4? Did I miss it?) ) I found your site just at the beginning of my spiritual journey and it contributed immensely to my new awakening. It was the first time I have done regular meditation and it helped me immensely to be able to meditate in general. I had my first metaphysical experiences during the project, and my life has transformed internally. I am a completely differentperson than I was a year ago. Source has answered my prayers in seeking ways to grow spiritually. There has been a lot of trauma this year, but I believe that this helped me to move through life with grace. I continued doing the meditation after the project closed, as well as the song to the four directions. Love the music element and your instructional videos on you tube. I go there and do it along several times a week. Can’t wait to get the flower eseences and use them also.
    I am deeply grateful for your courage in dedicating your lives to this and in bringing this to us and showing us a path towards raising the vibration of us all, and enhancing and healing the connection with beloved mother earth.
    Much love snd gratitude,

  5. Hurray! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!

    I have been waiting eagerly for GLP 5 and can not wait to join in the uplifted and lighted consciousness of beautiful, strong and visionary people who generously set time aside to honor the earth, creation and themselves. I’m not sure how to prepare for 1 Feb, but I think my best goal would be to re-new and re-begin a habit of meditation at a set time each day. Something that has been a challenge for me in the past.

    Happy New Year!

    With Love,

  6. Andrea Clusen says:

    I would like to register, but somehow I am unable to find the register now button. Can you help?
    Also, when I participated in GLP1 I registered for the german version( mother tongue), since then I try to get on the english list- my language of the heart- but also could not manage.
    Maybe this time?

    thanks a lot
    golden sparks in and all around you

    1. Hi Andrea,
      We have made it much simpler this time :-)!

      Just go to the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT page on our website and there you will find 2 red buttons which will become active on the 31 January. These buttons will take you directly to the DAILY LINKS PAGES for the program!

      In the right column you will see 2 links to an English and German GLP No.5 page. Simply choose which language and click on that page, and under those pages, links will automatically appear to the day’s meditation page just after midnight. There is no signup, anyone who wishes can participate.

      If you want to update your newsletter preferences (update profile) at any time, then you can just click on the relevant link in any of the emails we send out.
      Hope this helps and have a brilliant time with GLP5!
      With love,

  7. David Tenneson says:

    Hello Golden Lightworkers.
    Although working with the Golden Light is now a daily wonder, it was a real joy to hear your voice again Renata. Thank you so much for guiding us all again.
    When the heart opened it was like a golden Spanish fan slowly opening but continued round to the full circle, and as each facet of the fan appeared a shower of golden light radiated out before me.
    The Stellar Gateway showed itself like a translucent golden globe as if it was a complete Universe with golden stars being born every second inside.
    As it opened the funnel took the same form as the opening heart and the gold fan channelled the golden light into my mini Universe filling the space between the stars until it could send the Golden Column down through my body to Beloved Mother Earth or ME as I like to call her.
    As this happened cold shivers ran down my back.
    Throughout all this I was levitated above the triple heart centres in England. The circles of Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury and as each centre filled with Golden Light they merged together creating a complete heart Chakra linking with the New Jerusalem in the etheric.
    As I hovered over my beloved Avalon I heard the strains of a wandering minstrel and realised it was you Steven. Bless you both for this wonderful work.
    Contrary to public opinion it is not warm here at present but as I heard Steven’s voice, although briefly, I was glowing!
    Love and blessings to all
    David in Spain.

  8. today is day 1 state side, and i am having trouble with the player. any suggestions?
    renata, i am looking forward to having your lovely voice guide me.


  9. …nevermind. i was using the old link for project 4. just found the new one. thank you.


  10. Few, got me worried there Anita 😉 I have made a redirect from the old GLP4 links pages to the starting “language” pages in their new home here in the community area… just in case…. love and light all.

  11. Hallo Dimitri,
    I have been joining glp5 every day om my pc at home and I Find such strength in Renata,’s voice. I would like to open THE mp3 on my i-pad but the yellow window does not show any of the Adobe flash player buttons. I am able to watch and hear YouTube video’s on my i-pad. could you assist me and explain me what i should do to be able to hear Renata from my i-pad?
    Thank you so much,
    Sai ram,
    Jenneken berends, THE netherlands

    1. Hi Jenneken and thank you for your lovely compliment about the GLP audios! I am so happy that you find the meditations uplifting and strengthening – that’s what they are meant to do!
      I am sure Dimitri will reply to your query himself – he is our wonderful webmaster and he is really doing a magnificent job to make sure that everyone can participate in the program!
      I will drop him an email to make sure that he has seen your comment!
      Wishing you a wonderful time with the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT!
      With blessings and love,

    2. Hello Jenneken, welcome to the world of Apple…. lol sorry had to put that in. You have just found one of the biggest problems with anything Apple, they “refuse” to allow / work with Adobe Flash on either iPhone or iPad, and there is no view to them allowing or working with that in future, and as you saw, the player is embedded as flash (much easier generally). If you wish to know more, then see this it might get you to the relevant “arguments” – reminds me of schoolboy antics, but some valid points, anyway back to your issue – the short answer I am afraid is you wont be able to play these on your iPad / phone. I will however look for any possible alternative to embed the audio as I am also (*cough*) an iPhone addict 😉

    3. Whoooopy – Jenneken – please try now, I have amended the way we include the audio (see the latest post i made) so you should be able to listen on your phone or ipad.

      1. Dear Dimitri,
        YOU ARE A GENIUS, and Renata was right when she wrote about your being excellent in the digital field.
        Thank you so much, and what joy that I did have to struggle with a manual or ‘ipad for dummys’ explanations! As you said: I just had to click and the audio started playing!
        The reason that I am so happy is that now I am able to continue my daily listening when on the road away from my pc at home but in the company of my ipad.
        This is really a big present, thank you.
        I believe in miracles, and this one I’d like to name ‘Dimitri’s know how’.
        Sincere greetings,

      2. Please note my correction of a sentence in my prior comment:
        I did NOT have to struggle!

  12. Dear Renata,
    thank you from the hart for all you and Steve are creating and sharing and thus expanding!!!
    Inviting golden light into my history two days ago has had an enormous effect today.
    Thank You again, Jenneken

  13. Dear Jenneken,
    I am so happy that you are finding such wonderful support through the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT! Steven and I know that it is an immensly powerful tool for healing and transformation, but it is really lovely to hear from you about your life-enhancing experiences with the project!

    As far as Dimitri is concerned – he is truly worth his weight in gold! We are so grateful to have him as a member of the Golden Light Team!
    Thank you Dimitri, for always taking such good care of everyone who needs technical help!
    And also for the lovely energy you put into our work – quietly and unnoticed by many, but certainly not by Steven and myself! We love and appreciate you!

  14. My dearest friends! I’m so glad to be part of this community….and I still hear the words you once told me, Renata: No one has as yet realised the great power contained in the golden light ( I hope, that I translate it in an adequate meaning).
    And today the gift of a new awarness in this 5th GLP: I was following the extraodinary film “The living matrix” and I suddenly understood the importance and meaning of the human heart. It is the motor of my whole existence in every way. The heart governs mind and body. So what a wonderful gift having the (new) 3 flames in my heart. The solution and the salvation is to open and to clear my heart in its wonderful colours and stay connected with every being in this field of love and acceptance. The second thing I understood is that it is no paraphrase that we all are light. It is truly real. How wonderful and even bigger than I yet realised. What an immense potential for our spiritual development we hold in our hands following your meditation of the GLP!!
    It is’t easy to explain but I’m sure, you will understand.
    With love and blessings and gratefulness

    1. My dear Maria, your words make me very happy!
      I wrote an email today about our upcoming GOLDEN LIGHT INTENSIVE WORKSHOP in the UK (the next one then will be with you in Austria!) and I was guided to talk about the Radical Transformation that happens when we catch a glance – no matter how short or fleeting it is – of our True Self. In this one moment a seed of Golden Light is sown in the fertile soul of our radiant heart and from then onwards our lives will never be the same.
      The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT is an opportunity to awaken and remember the power and beauty of our divine nature. It is through gratitude and humility that we allow the Golden Light to work its magic in our lives.
      May the blessings of the Golden Light be with you always on your journey through life!
      With much love,

  15. My dear Renata! It is so true-and there is no return to go back to the comfortable normal!
    And I do love these short moments of being completely surrounded by the golden light! Today Solar plexus- no light, not even a white milky light. Dark brown and black chunks or nuggets, no circular form, displaced and deformed- what a pity!! It took a very long time and I needed the help from my guardian angel and guide and a lot of golden light that pulsed in the rhythm of my heart into the solar plexus. Finally: Hurray!!!! I’m a strong woman… 🙂 Thank you so much for the rainbow essences too. I do need them in these GLP5 more than before! You know how much I love you! Maria

  16. I forgot something to ask…. everytime I go through the GLP there comes this moment of wanting to change everything: I like to move house and start something new or rearrange the rooms at least…but the result is that I clean the house…and I’m disappointed! I asked myself what does it mean? Perhaps it is a replacement of what I really have to do: clean my innerside and change my behavior patterns- don’t you think so?
    Does anyone outhere feels the same or knows this feelings?
    I hope you all enjoy this wonderfurl gift from Renata and Steven!
    Love and blessings

    1. Maria, the cleaning is such a brilliant metaphor for our deep desire to create wholeness, balance and beauty in our lives! And make no mistake – whenever you clean your environment, your living space, you are also giving a message to your subconscious to get on with the cleaning jobs in the storehouse of your memories and beliefs. Don’t you always feel a bit lighter after you have done a real good cleaning session? Well, whilst you were slogging away with the duster and the hoover and the mop, rearranging furniture perhaps, putting fresh flowers on the table, your subconscious has been very busy, too, getting rid of the old stuff that keeps you from living with joy and brilliance.
      And when you put vibrant flowers into your living environment, your heart delights in the beauty of them as they are a reflection of your own beauty and perfection. As above so below, as without so within!
      Life is very simple really – there are no “new” tools on the path towards enlightenment. Only a remembering of what our soul has always known – we are on a journey through many lifetimes on our way back to Source. There will be light and darkness on the path, sadness and joy, love and fear, suffering and bliss. But in the end it’s all about becoming more light with every day and every moment of our lives. This is why we came into this body in the first place.
      With much love to you, dear sister,

  17. Dear Maria, what a journey we are all on!
    I think your experience of your Solar Plexus Chakra is totally in line with what you are experiencing at the moment – a very clear picture of the damage that fear inflicts on our energy body!
    Congratulations on breaking through the blockages, though! I know that must have taken a lot of work, energy and courage!
    It’s never pleasant to look at our shadows but in the end it is one of the most valuable lessons that we can have. YOU ARE A STRONG WOMAN AND YOU ARE A HOLY WOMAN, as well as a whole woman!
    With a loving and lightfilled embrace,

  18. Dear Renata! As I allready told you: I felt a touch from beeing a strong and holy woman yesterday whe I understood, what you said. And today this feeling is covered again. Always these ups and downs…life is chaotic!
    When I followed your voice in the meditation today I had the same problems than in the GLPs before: I can’t remember those feelings of passion. The dreams of my childhood…don’t discover them. Only a feeling a lack. I see a little girl, quiet and well-bevaved, don’t disturbing my occupiet parents. My dreams- no one was interested and so I lost them. What ever I did untill now I can’t reach them. Please can you help me to get in touch again? I’m sure that every child has the knowledge of its own and personal dreams and that these dreams can help us to find purpose of our beeing. Through the GLP I’m ready to take my responsability and I only need a little hit 🙂
    Thank you so much!! Lots of love

    1. Dear Maria, don’t be discouraged by the pictures you see or don’t see. Everyone needs a starting point – at least you know now what you need and want to change. Change begins when we recognise that we don’t need to keep on doing the same thing over and over – we have a choice. Let me assure you that your childhood dreams are still within you – they have just been covered up by the expectations that were put onto you in your childhood. As you say, you see a “good” girl – well behaved, quiet and generally inhibited. But the real Maria with all her vivaciousness and her laughter and her wildness is still alive if you allow her to come out of hiding. Talk to your inner child – tell her how grateful you are that she has worked so hard to keep you safe all these years and let her know that you have now made the decision to live your life as you would like it to be and therefore the protective walls are no longer necessary. See how she responds to that – the inner child needs constant reassurance that she has done well and that she can now relax and enjoy life. Ask her to show you her true nature, ask her to remind you of your childhood dreams – and in time she will come to trust you enough to open up and let you see who you really are. Be patient with yourself, be kind and attentive to your child, and love yourself now, just as you are. Then the changes can happen – first comes acceptance, then comes forgiveness, then comes love and that leads to freedom.
      I love and accept you just as you are!

  19. Dear Maria,
    I know how you feel…
    I can’t remember too those feelings of passion, in fact I can’t remember my whole childhood…
    just some bright spots, not chronological…
    so I decided to remember the child I could have been…
    and so it worked 🙂
    and the feelings I found in my hara? I thought I would find sadness or anything like that…
    but no – I found shame, I feel so ashamed for so many things, so believe me – it’s really hard to find again the strong and holy woman from yesterday…
    but anyhow…
    YOU are a strong and holy woman!
    and ME too!
    We do a good job 🙂 Renata and Steven do a good job 🙂 everybody doing GLP does a good job 🙂
    So let’s stay in line, let’s stay courageous, let’s bring down the golden light!
    Anyhow hard it is to bring it in the pillar of reality…
    Love and embrace

    1. Dear Elke, shame and guilt are emotions that obscure your light and drag you down. Decide now to forgive yourself unconditionally.
      Everyone makes mistakes, everyone does wrong sometimes – some more, others less. It does not mean that one is better than the other – just that learning is happening.
      The past is the past – let it go. Choose who and how you want to be today, tomorrow and every day for the rest of your life. Sometimes you will be able to manifest your ideals, other times you will fall flat on your face. If you were perfect already, there would be no need for you to be on this planet of learning. Let’s face it – none of us in an angel just as yet!
      The important thing is not to judge yourself but to get up and keep going – it is the same for all of us! We must smile more and judge less – and above all we must not take ourselves too seriously!
      It is said that even the angels cry for the gift of a human body. Why? Because this life affords us unparallelled opportunities for growth. Life on Earth is a grand experiment designed by Source and we have agreed to be part of it. How can that be shameful?
      As long as we learn from our experiences, our soul rejoices and our light increases.
      And that’s all that matters.
      Much love and a big hug,

  20. Liebe Elke!!! Was für eine wunderbare Antwort! Du machst mir Mut, weil Du selbst so mutig vorwärts gehst! Danke Dir von Herzen für Deine Ehrlichkeit, durch die Du uns teilhaben lässt an Deinen Empfindungen! Es ist ein Geschenk, Teil dieser Gemeinschaft zu sein! Ja, wir machen unsere “Arbeit” wirklich gut …ich vertraue einfach darauf! Ich umarme Dich und schick Dir viel Liebe!

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