Sacred Number?

Did you know that 1111 people  took part in the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #3?

1111 is a very auspicious number – it denotes mastery over the physical dimension. We got so excited when we saw the final registration numbers. Knowing the significance of this sacred number we realised that this was a sign from the universe telling us that the Golden Light Project is right on track!

Will you join us in raising the individual and collective consciousness on our beautiful planet? Will you be part of the next GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT which starts on 6 September? Registration opens beginning of August!

2 Responses to “Sacred Number?”

  1. Andrea Hughes 30/07/2010 at 10:36 pm Permalink

    Hi Renata

    I know that 11 is a magical number but can you tell us more about the significance of the number 1111?

  2. Renata Ash 31/07/2010 at 11:44 pm Permalink

    11 has different meanings – one is the meaning assigned by numerology where it is treated as a double 1 – that means that a person with that birth number has double amounts of creativity and confidence!
    In esoteric circles the number 11 is known as the first one of the master numbers and it signifies mastery over the physical domain. So 1111for me is an affirmation of this mastery as well as a sign that a new doorway of opportunity is opening up.
    And this is why I was so excited at the start of the GLP3!
    We are creating a new world in every moment – each thought that we think has more power than ever before. And during the GLP3 we were focusing all that power into the Gulf and towards Israel and Palestine. So 1111 was telling me that we are right on course with what we are doing!