What people experience with the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT :

Dear Steven and Renate, thank you very very much for a wonderful intense and loving experience during the 13 days of Golden light meditation. I experienced several nice as well as challenging emotions and feelings. But today I found myself grounded and full of light and experienced the fullness of the Whole. Thank you again and my blessings for all where ever you might be and whatever you might need.
Peter, UK

I just wanted to say, Renata, that I think your Golden Light Project is a wonderful idea (I participated in the last one and will do so for the next ones too). And to add that you’ve got a lovely speaking voice – perfect for what you’re doing. So thank you….
Cath, US

Thank you for this wonderful work….the energy on the e mail today was such a beautiful reminder of holding centred through this amazing and at times challenging ride. I hope that our paths may cross again and I may get the opportunity of sharing time with you both…your work is beautiful…
Sandy, UK

I do the GLP meditations every evening and they have become the highlight of my day! As soon as I am finished with one cycle I start again from the beginning and I can feel how the intensity is growing within me and my body – there is so much LOVE in it! Thank you for enabling me to have access to this work!
Petra, DE

I thank you so much for this gift! It is most certainly the kind of gift that has a ripple effect, and will touch those I come across. I practice yoga, and your meditations really allow me to get into my body and my experience of “now” in a different kind of way. Again, thank you for your work and thank you for this gift. Enormous love and gratitude,
Rebecca, UK

I would like to thank you for the wonderful meditations during the GLP! It is a wonderful energy that can be felt so strongly and clearly even over the internet.
Barbara, DE

Again these 13 days were powerful and inspirational. I notice more and more that we don’t do this work just for ourselves but also very much for our planet. This is the first time I also listened to the guided meditations – so beautiful and touching! I don’t know why I didn’t do that earlier:-)! May all beings find peace within the light. Thank you so much for your work!
Constanze, DE

With joy and peace I would like to thank you for the past 13 days – it was wonderful – my whole life has started to shift as a result of it! Small steps, meeting of likeminded souls and new paths have begun to open up. Renata, there is such a deep feeling of peace and love in your voice – every day I look forward to hearing it! Thank you for everything!
Renato, CH

Thank you for the wonderful experience of the Golden Light Project! I did my meditations every morning and it was not difficult to find the time for it before going to work. The exercises and meditations left me with a wonderful energy which continued to stay with me all throughout the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am looking forward to the next GLP!
Conni, CH

The Golden Light Project is such a blessing for the Earth, and for all beings…..and I wanted to express my thanks to you both for creating this wonderful healing process (and everything involved in organising the project too!). My friends and I have been so impressed with the high level of presentation and so very touched by the love and generosity interwoven with all that you do. I recently arranged for a grove of trees to be planted to mark my 40th birthday. Each additional tree planted in The Grove of Blessing Trees will be dedicated to individuals and organisations, with the intention of blessing and thanking them for their work/inspiration and loving kindness. Blessing those whose essence has touched my life in some way, perhaps through their assistance with my healing journey and/or personal development. So to thank you for creating the Golden Light Project I have added a new tree to my grove called the Golden Light Tree and it is dedicated to you both. It also symbolically represents the GLP family, the individual spiritual growth of participants and the growth of light on our home planet…..The grove is planted in the Caledonian Forest, on the Dundreggan Estate at the southern tip of Loch Ness. If you would like to visit the webpage for the Grove of Blessing Trees and read your dedication, here is the link.
Suzanne, UK

I want to thank you from my heart for this wonderful project and the beautiful experience! The meditations and the Golden Light Exercises accompanied me throughout the 13 days – your suggestions, explanations and the wonderful prayers, quotes, affirmations and meditations touched me deeply…made me smile…made me think…inspired me…turned me upside down…but most of all they confirmed my belief that we can never bring in too much golden light, and that we should start each day with a prayer, a meditation or a song. Often I felt the connection to the other participants – what a wonderful feeling to be joined with others in light, in the elements and in love!
Cornelia, DE

Thank you Renata and Steven so much for your beautiful meditations, I am enjoying them tremendously! Your loving, healing voice coaxes us along and is a joy to listen to, Steven’s mantras play in my head and I find myself humming/singing them myself. I loved your poem of the heart,  The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and everything else. Also knowing that at times life is/has been a trial for you both too, is very helpful as often we think those that are well on the path just glide through life! It is a wonderful gift that you are giving to the world and I hope many people will join in when you are kind enough to run it again.
Anne, UK

I just wanted to say how fantastic I found those 13 days to be…I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I found the whole experience so life affirming and have continued to meditate almost every day since then.
Tara, UK

Recently a friend in Costa Rica invited me to join him in the Golden Light Project meditations which I have been doing since Day 1! They are phenomenal and I cannot believe that they are ending so soon! Thank you for creating such a wonderful and powerful set of meditations. You assist us all in shining!
Angela, US

I want to let you know how important the Golden Light Project is to me. I am honoured to be able to participate in it – I am honoured to be receiving guidance from both of you. This project has had profound effects on my personal energy levels and has taught me a great deal. I feel like I am living in a different world than I was in 7 days ago. It is such a beautiful world! I find myself walking about the amazing little farm I live on with my family in a state of spontaneous gratitude and love for all I see and hear and smell! New people and possibilities are coming into my life. Everything is so amazing! The meditations you are presenting are so powerful….the music is a beautiful complement to the spoken meditations. I can hear that both of you see and honor the divine nature in all beings. Thank you for that!
Daphne Rose, UK

Thank you very much for your Golden Light Project! The meditations were lovely and intense – I could feel the golden light go through my body! It was really wonderful!
Sandra, Portugal

I really enjoyed the 13 day programme and had the feeling of an intense opening and clearing. The thought that many other people were going through the same process at the same time caused a deep sense of connection and comfort within me, which was wonderful!
Ursula, DE

When there are so many “spiritual Sites” out there, all vying for our attention to contribute, to subscribe online to all the different gatherings around the world – and I have visited many of them! – I can say without doubt that the Golden Light Project by Renata & Steven Ash is the place to be. This is the one place where you really feel that you are making a truly valid contribution at the highest spiritual level for 13 days at the time of every solstice and more often if you choose. Following the beautiful meditations by Renata and the inspiring music by Steven is the perfect peaceful place to contribute to the healing of our beloved Mother Earth and you will also benefit, too! I promise that you will feel the difference that you are making! I invite you to join the Golden Light Workers – it could be the most important decision of your life, the life of the planet and all life upon, above and within her. If you want to make that difference join us now.
David, Spain

I just want to thank you both so much for all the work you both did for the Golden Light Project. I loved the whole exercise and got so much from it…The energies I encountered were enormous. They were awe inspiring. Every single day produced something wonderful. I know I will repeat the exercise again and again. Thank you so much for inviting me to share this with you. I am sure we all managed to raise the global energies.
Patricia, UK

Dear Friends, I am so happy that I could participate in the GLP and I want to thank you for the wonderful experiences!
Walter, AT

Have just completed a 13 day Golden Light Project with Steven and Renata Ash. Absolutely brilliant! We will be repeating several times up to 2012. Can recommend it to everyone on the spiritual path … if they care about Mother Earth ‘ME’ they should connect with the Rainbow Medicine Circle on line! ‘I invite Golden Light into the Earth through me’
David, UK

I am so honoured to be part of this project and to be the change I want to see in this world.
Linda, UK

I experienced true forgiveness during my meditation this morning, something I was afraid would never come though I’ve been trying for years to make it happen.
Amy, US

It has been an extraordinary exprience. The timing has caused a huge shift in my personal circumstances. Thank you to you both for all your insight and effort.
Suay, UK

Wow, this has been such an amazing journey! I feel amazing, I am sad that it is over tomorrow, though I suppose it never ends…
I just need to tap into this energy everyday. Thank you.
Devon, Canada

Hello Renata and Steven, thank you for your Light and Love! Sending you love and Reiki from Lithuania!
Ana, Lithuania