Frequent Questions


The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT is a 13-day programme for personal and global healing and transformation.

Every day for 13 days you receive information about one of your 13 chakras coupled with powerful meditations, activities and practical advice to clear and activate this part of your energy anatomy.

The information is presented in written form as well as audio format.

Q: What is the reason for the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT?

Our world is at a critical time in history. We are living in a great bottleneck of time facing severe environmental, economic and social challenges. And while each of these challenges can be traumatic in their own right, together they pose a huge hurdle for humanity to overcome, if we want to preserve our planet and a worthwhile way of life for ourselves and future generations.

The predictions for 2012 and beyond range from an era of chaos and destruction to the arrival of the golden age, a thousand year span of peace and cooperation.

The Elders of the indigenous tribes from all over the world have said that we are the ones we have been waiting for. It is up to us which prediction will become reality in the years beyond 2012. It is in our hands to lay the foundation for a new era of human existence. The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT calls all those who are ready to take a quantum leap in their personal healing and growth and are willing to take responsibility for their own life as well as the future of our planet.

Q: Why should I participate in the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT?

The future of our planet is determined by each and every person alive at this point in time. It is said that only a relatively small number of people committed to raising their vibration is needed to change the consciousness on our planet. Yet this critical number will not be reached if we rely on other people to take up the challenge and do the work. As a collective consciousness we all carry memories and imprints that prevent us personally and humanity as a whole from accessing higher levels of consciousness. It is therefore the responsibility of each one of us to courageously look at our own shadow and love it into light, even though this may mean that we have to go through a healing and transformation process that is not always easy and pleasant. The questions you need to ask yourself are:

If not me, then who?

If not now, then when?

It is up to each on of us to choose whether we want to partake in this opportunity or sit on the fence and wait for others to do what is necessary to usher in the Golden Age.

Q: What benefits can I expect from participating in the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT?

The greatest benefit lies in fulfilling the purpose for which you incarnated at this time in history as from the viewpoint of your soul and your Highest Self nothing else matters.

However, from the countless testimonials of people who have already participated in the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT we know that this programme offers a huge opportunity for personal growth and the healing of old memories and wounds that have no place in your life any more. Whenever we engage in an activity that benefits the whole, we are showered with immeasurable blessings ourselves. This universe is a place of giving and receiving – none can exist without the other. And so the blessings that your personal clearing work carries for Mother Earth and all life on her must and will be returned to you thousandfold.

Q: Why do you offer the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT free of charge?

The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT is the culmination of our 20 years of research and work with the human energy anatomy. There is at this point in time no other programme that contains more detailed and in depth information about our energy body and its powerful influence on our lives, our health, our relationships and our ability to live our highest and fullest potential. As such this programme is worth hundreds of pounds.

However, at the beginning of this year we received very clear guidance about the absolute necessity of this healing programme in helping people to prepare themselves for the changes that lie ahead. In order to be prepared for the huge influx of light and information that will happen when our planet completely enters the photon belt at Winter Solstice 2012 we need to clear and heal our energy body so there is as little resistance as possible to the intense light that will flood our system. The better we are prepared the easier the transition will be. And so the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT is offered with love as a tool for preparation and transformation in service to Mother Earth and all humanity.

Money must and will never be an obstacle to a person participating in our global healing events which happen four times/year.

However, we have found that many people wish to continue with the program after participating in the global projects, and for these people the complete 13-day program in the form of a beautiful E-book and mp3 downloads is available for purchase from our webshop.

Q: Why do you recommend repeating the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT over and over?

Like a stagnant pond is cleared out by stirring up the mud and then allowing it to drain away we also need to confront the memories, attitudes and beliefs stored in the chakras which prevent us from manifesting our divine nature. Our Highest Self will only allow as much clearing at any given time as can be safely handled by the physical and emotional bodies. Each time we go through the 13 day programme, we clear away more of that which obscures our perception and hinders our progress.

We have also found that each GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT carries its own energy and affects us in different ways. This process is guided by the collective highest consciousness of the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT group and cannot be influenced by the conscious mind.

Q: Why is it important to work with each lesson on the corresponding day?

Whilst the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT is a healing programme in its own right, the effects of the programme are magnified tremendously by the energy of a large group of people doing the same thing on the same day. The energetic imprints that we hold in the various chakras are actually very similar in all of us. If we work on the relevant issues together, our energy is magnified and therefore the clearing can happen faster, the insights can be greater and the potential for personal as well as global healing is huge.

For those of you who want to continue working with the GOLDEN LIGHT programme in between the group events, we have created the E-book and mp3 downloads.