Golden Light Project No.13 (English)

Welcome to the Golden Light Project #13!

13 days of new meditations, contemplations and inspirations to anchor
the radiant energies of the new Golden Age into our lives!

This Programme has now been completed

A heartfelt Thankyou to all those who participated –
we know that the golden light shines bright and strong
within you!

The daily inspirations will shortly be available
as an Ebook from our shop.

These daily lessons were given by the Ascended Masters
not only as contemplations but foremost
as a handbook for enlightened living in the Golden Age.
May they serve you well.

Blessed be.


Please bookmark this page and return to it on the above date to join our worldwide Golden Light Community for this last GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT in the present series.

Click on the Golden Light Project #13 Link in the menu on the right and select the relevant day to read the daily lessons. The programme consists of 13 inspirations and 4 audio meditations, that are meant to be used with the GLP as indicated on each day.

Meditation #1 – Lake of Golden Light
Meditation #2 – Inner Universe
Meditation #3 – River of Light
Meditation #4 – Sacred Earth


Get the guided audio meditations (recommended)

There is a small charge of £ 9.95 for these downloads to cover the costs of producing these recordings. These guided meditations are an integral part of this programme, taking the listener safely and gently into the dimensions of light from which all inspiration, guidance, love and healing come. They are only available in the mp3 format.