Golden Light Project #7

The start of the Golden Light Project #7 is only a day away and many of you have asked why there were no reminders and announcements this time. The answer to these questions is very simple:

The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT is a precious and powerful gift from Source – it always has been and it always will be. It offers an opportunity for the awakening soul to connect more deeply with the divine wisdom, light and love of their Highest Self, their sacred and golden I AM PRESENCE. If you need prompting or encouragement to participate in the GLP then you have not  yet understood the gift that is offered. Don’t think about this with your head – just listen to your heart and follow its guidance.

In England there is a wonderful saying:” You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.
If you are still searching for more light, more peace, more joy, more abundance and more meaning in your life then you need to call more of the golden light of your I AM PRESENCE into your life. The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT can help you do that – it allows you to heal your past, present and future and in doing so you make your contribution to the healing and transformation of our planet.

So if your heart says YES! then let yourself be taken to the water and drink – it is very simple indeed.


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  1. Ahhh! At last … here you go guys!
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 11 30.06.11
    Oh what JOY!
    This was just fantastic Renata and Steven! I could not keep still, your music was intoxicating Steven. I danced a Balinese dance with hands describing waves and vortices. Incredible! This experience has confirmed my gifts and energised my true creative purpose. We are jumping out of our comfort zone with nuclear like power. Thank you so much. Events over the past 24hrs have led me to my life purpose and you have confirmed it all as I sit here glowing in Golden Light and realising that I put on orange today without realising its significance until now. Bless you both.
    David in Spain


    GLP #7 Comments – Day 10. 29.06.11
    You are a beautiful and gifted friend Renata. Thank you again for today. You know the energy that will shatter our status quo comes ever closer bringing consequent fears and uncertainties forging ahead of it. Those fears and uncertainties manifested as black musical notations floating out to the dark sphere, but without a sound, and when the golden energy turned the accumulated dark cloud within to white the sphere disintegrated and gave forth the Divine Aum that blest the earth as the white and golden rain kissed the surface. This and other recent experiences have given us more and more confidence that our future is prepared, certain and according to divine will. Thank you both for your continuing mission. May you be blessed with the same confidence you instil in us for your own future together.
    Blessings from David in Spain
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 9. 28.06.11
    Previously Chakras have appeared in the body. Today the GL descended through an outer shell, filled with a white light that took the form of fine gently moving particles, where it met and merged with each Chakra in turn suspended in space. It is true that we are not seen as dense bodies but recognised by our light. A constant daily prayer that we may follow our true path and purpose, and something happened yesterday that gave us a certainty that the path is illuminated and the place in preparation for us to follow our purpose. We are much blessed. Many thanks Renata.
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 8. 27.06.11
    This was a first as the chalice throughout all other sessions has been of pure crystal, but today a silver chalice studded with amethyst, diamond and rose quartz was the order. The Inner Child was a beautiful androgynous 3 year old red head and when paid attention to also reciprocated by paying attention to me. No tears but pure joy of understanding. Beautiful! With a feeling of lightness in the chest no more heavy heart. Thanks Renata.
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 7. 26.06.11
    This Day is really amazing. The high heart centre of unconditional love is a space that expands to a huge volume and feels as if I have moved from this to a truly higher dimension. The chest feels as if it is at bursting point. The gold mixed with the magenta cascaded down to the crystal heart of ME and radiated out over the whole surface of the earth. Connections to others are blest with this unconditional energy.
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 6. 25.06.11
    Beautiful day 6. The throat is one of my problem areas. As the Golden Light came down try as I might I could not see it as Gold It presented itself as Electric Blue! Filling all the organs in the head, it was only when it arrived at the Throat that I realised that this is the cleansing colour for this place, this Chakra, for me. The throat itself felt physically enormous. Not so much having expressed myself badly in the past as not having expressed my real self and what I really felt at all, for fear of upsetting others, of course. The change came relatively recently! Hooponopono is beautiful, thank you Renata. Now I can grow old disgracefully!
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 5. 24.06.11
    Trouble to get in to the site earlier but all’s well. I love this Day 5, this Chakra and its huge space. My universe. This time the stars sparkled brightly but in addition occasionally one twinkled with a bright colour, and then another, in fact all the colours appeared in time. Strange combination here of deep peace and amazing potential as if it was the energy source of the creative power within me and I felt as if my dreams were being put into the forge of reality prior to being cast into manifestation.
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 4. 23.06.11
    As the Golden Light began to build there was a slight warm, touching feeling on the Crown but when it surged down into the Chakra the force was so strong that it felt, for a split second, as if I would lose consciousness. As you will know Renata at this moment in time the most important thing for us right now is to trust and as ever, ‘Thy will be done’ is the constant mantra.
    In Love and Faith, David in Spain
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 3. 22.06.11
    Having spent a considerable time reviewing past lives and associations for my biography, Journey Through Many Lifetimes, and recognising the energies brought through to this life, this morning was a very even energy with not much going on so little to report today. As the temperature is building here, soon be in the 40+ region, activity is at a minimum.
    In love and faith, David in Spain
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 2. 21.06.11
    On this the longest day and the shortest night, the mighty Summer Solstice, it was appropriate that the huge energies enabled me to look beyond myself to those who have caused me stress, pain and heartache in the past. In all the times I have gone through this Golden Light process, and perhaps the seventh time is significant, this was not about me … the space around me was crowded with those beings who have been there in many different guises to help me, throughout time. Often causing me anger, provoking tears and ripping at my heart, but now, today I was able to see everything for what it truly is and everyone for their true purpose in my life. Everyone is forgiven, especially those I felt guilty at leaving behind and in the process I have forgiven myself.
    Thank you Renata. In love and faith, David in Spain
    GLP #7 Comments – Day 1. 20.06.11
    So good to have you back with us Renata and Steven.
    This body was shown to me as at first I thought a statue of Rameses, but then I realised it was one of the Golden Giants from Atlantis, who came to speak to us once upon a time.There are indeed many colours of gold and within the Stellar Gateway I saw them all so that the sphere was coruscating with its own rainbows of pink, red, white, old and the whole range of carats from brassy to burnished. So you might think not much to add but the Golden Light did something to the rainbow that presented a picture worthy of the Hubble telescope, showing a further range of colours and scintillations. I am much blessed to be able to join you in these ventures and feel privileged to transmit the energies to our beloved Mother Earth or ME as I like to call her.
    Thank you for your Rainbow Bridge Renata and may I invite all those who are with us on this journey to join hands and walk with us as we cross the bridges of the Chakras in the coming days.
    Bless you all and thank you for being with us.
    In love and faith, David in Spain


  2. GLP #7 Comments – Day 12. 01.07.11.
    The ornate hinges on the iron studded red door described the vesica piscis and as you know the room beyond is full of empty shelves. Except that is for two pages remaining in a dark recess that were easily disposed of on the dying embers. The steep straight staircase next to the fireplace has been transformed since my last visit into a spiral stair to the upper room where my friend Patrage was waiting for me.
    We sat either side of the roaring fire talked a little and just the one scroll went to aid the blaze. The Dark red rose with ruby centre was restored to perfection. Warm and content.
    All blessings from David in Spain.


  3. GLP #7 Comments – Day 13. 02.07.11.
    The last day of the current series brings the amazing acknowledgement and acceptance of the passage of divine light from the higher self to ME initiated by you my fantastic friends, through a body more and more clear, more and more illuminated by its own inner light. The link between our hearts grows stronger by the day, if that is possible, my dear friends and I wish you Renata and Steven and all of our compatriots on this journey the blessing of a Healing Gift that follows this message. Much love and all blessings. Until GLP 8, go well, David in Spain.
    I have been sent the most wonderful Healing Gift by Patrica Cota-Robles whose son Joao, now in spirit, collaborated with Frederick de la Rue in France to produce a wonderful MP3 CD that can be downloaded from the following website and as Joao says:
    “The complete CD of Musical Rapture is 62 minutes long. You may download the mp3 for this sacred music for FREE from my Mother’s website:
    David’s comment: ‘Having listened to the full CD I can only say that it touched every fibre of my being and represents the nearest I have heard to the music of the spheres. And wish to pass it on to you all.’
    Please be aware of its terms of use as stipulated on the site. Thank you Joao, Frederick and Patricia. Many blessings to you all.

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