We are so thrilled that the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT  is now travelling into UK primary schools – what a wonderful opportunity to help children embrace their highest potential! Our heartfelt thanks go to Giles Bryant from the WHP Wellbeing in Schools Project, who started this fantastic movement! Thank you Giles and Juliet! You are two beautiful human beings with a totally inspired vision! We love you.

If you would like to know more about Giles & Juliet’s work then please visit their website

17 Responses to “Join the Golden Light Project!”

  1. Radhika 17/09/2012 at 6:07 am Permalink

    Greetings Renata and Steven Thank you for this beautiful meditation.I so look forward to it each time.However please do guide me as to how I can access GLP 12 for I am unable to do yet. with Gratitude and love Radhika

    • Renata Ash 17/09/2012 at 10:12 am Permalink

      Dear Radhika, you can access the GLP as always through our website – just click on the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT #12 (English) link in the menu on the right and the individual days will appear there as they become available. Thank you for joining us again this time! Many blessings, Renata

  2. David Tenneson 17/09/2012 at 6:21 pm Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 1
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    May I make so bold as to welcome all who join us on this penultimate journey in the Golden Light. On every such voyage I have been amazed and this was no exception. As in previous visions when the Stellar Gateway came into view it looked a dull golden colour but then as it began to fill with Golden Light it was as if a shell broke away from the outside revealing a bright golden sphere within which began to glow with iridescence. However this radiance did not confine itself to the Stellar Gateway but became a white light that shone from every pore of my body until I illuminated everything around me. I have never felt such enlightenment before … I was almost blinded by my own light, truly mind boggling!
    Thank you for this revelation Renata & Steven, there is no doubt in my mind that we are the Light of the World and this is the pathway.
    Many blessings of Love and Light to all.
    David in Spain

  3. David Tenneson 18/09/2012 at 3:19 pm Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 2
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Silver Soul Star.
    This was such a peaceful experience filled with love and gratitude that I listened to it twice! Thank you for that possibility Renata. When the Golden Light flowed down to cleanse the aura it was like the fine white blankets that we have in the Spring and Autumn, with just a sheet on the bed, in case of the early morning chill, so fine and light you hardly know it is there. And then the radiance from within was the same as before as I sent blessings of love and gratitude to all my Soul Family.
    Thanks to all who make this possible and to all who join us in love and gratitude.
    David in Spain

  4. David Tenneson 19/09/2012 at 4:14 pm Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 3
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The White Past Life Centre.
    Well, I guess this is where the fun starts! It’s as if the work with Stellar Gateway and the Soul Star created a release like a double lock opening to allow access to the lower Chakras. Conscious as I am of the connections from the past that are manifest in my life, and indeed the reasons for the relationships with others right now, the matrix appeared clear but nevertheless the release was tangible as Golden Light (GL) flowed through and I felt the physical relaxation of the shoulders and arms. I was all the more grateful as I was diagnosed this morning with a condition that has resulted from, if nothing else, getting too tense and trying too hard! The past of beloved Mother Earth (ME) has been amazingly diverse with many different eras of evolution and I can only imagine the effect of the GL from our Past Life Centres all flowing down to her right now. I bless ME and all who join in on this journey.
    Many blessings of Love and Golden Light to all.
    David in Spain

  5. Liz Midgley 20/09/2012 at 8:43 am Permalink

    Thank you so much Steven and Renata for sharing you love and wisdom in this wonder series of Meditations.
    Day 3 releasing past life energies that no longer serve me I started the day with a streaming cold! Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With love liz

  6. David Tenneson 21/09/2012 at 9:19 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 4
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Violet Crown Chakra.
    These are some of my favourite things! The crystalline equivalent of the Violet Crown is my favourite stone – the Amethyst, and my favourite scent is the beautiful lavender that grows in profusion in our garden and fills our home with its fragrance.
    To Sabine and all who journey with us now I hold your hands as we progress across this life changing Rainbow bridge. Faith and trust are easily shaken in this traumatic world but when we truly realise that it is the will of the Divine that is more important than all else, we find it easier to hold on to our purpose. Certainly our patience is often tried to what seems like the limit before we can look back and realise that all is truly well and the way is clear. The real life changing element is the Golden Light itself that reacts and changes us at each level, each step of this project, in different ways for each of us according to our individual need. As the violet / golden light cascaded down through me to ME I had a sharp intake of breath that caused my hands to spring open as if I was welcoming this sudden influx of Divine Light into my being that blessed and invigorated every one of my trillion cells and then carried this blessing to beloved ME.
    Many blessings of Love and Violet Golden Light to all.
    David in Spain

  7. David Tenneson 21/09/2012 at 9:20 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 5
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Indigo Brow or Third Eye Chakra.
    Another of my favourite stones is the Lapis Lazuli which to me is nearest to Indigo.
    The gift of creation begins here. Every creative thought and act must begin here in this fertile space of imagination and intuition. As I looked into the vast space of my Universe every light from every star was a re-manifestation of the light of the Source echoed throughout the Universe twinkling in the darkest recesses of my imagination to let me know that wherever I go in Mind, on Earth or in Spirit the Source is with me. This is the greatest feeling of gentle, peaceful, powerful company that guides, protects and loves me every step of my way. Thank you Renata for reflecting this to me again.
    Blessings of Love and Golden Light to all.
    Donation on its way from us both today.
    David in Spain

    • Renata Ash 21/09/2012 at 2:09 pm Permalink

      Dearest David and Eugene,

      You are both already “veterans” in the Golden Light Project! Thank you for your insight and wisdom and the love that always radiates out from your words!

      Thank you for being such a powerful and consistent part of the Golden Light Project!

      Much love to you both,

  8. David Tenneson 22/09/2012 at 9:16 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 6
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Sky Blue Throat Chakra of Self Expression
    I spoke yesterday of Renata being a reflector, but then each of us is a mirror to another but in this Centre of Self Expression, the question is: Do we take note of what we see of ourselves in others? I wonder! But this is about how we see ourselves:
    As the Golden Light issued down through my eyes, ears, nose and mouth it was as if the pathways were all being cleared. But as I brought to mind those whom I may have hurt in any way the throat became slightly constricted. Then, when I began the process of Hooponopono, and admitted the blessing of myself as well, the feeling of release descended to a fluttering in the tummy area. As the blue and gold cascaded down to ME I saw the oceans become clearer and I blessed and asked forgiveness for the human race for its pollution of the oceans, lands and atmosphere asking that ME be allowed to express herself in her highest potential also.
    May the Lord Bless us all
    David in Spain

  9. David Tenneson 23/09/2012 at 9:44 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 7
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The High Heart Flame, Magenta Chakra
    Thank you for the inspiration of your beautiful poem Renata that never fails to bring a tear and I am sure will mean as much to our fellow travellers.
    When I knelt before Mother Meera, with her gentle fingers touching my temples, I looked into her eyes and it was like looking into the heart of the Universe, a great sense of unconditional love and freedom. She said she was untying the knots! As the Golden Light merged with the Pink Magenta I felt again the warmth of that same love and asked again to be taught to love and how to become peace. As the Golden Pink Light descended to ME it was as if I was sitting on the steps of the temple in the New Jerusalem hovering over Avalon, the Heart Centre of ME. I willed the Light to merge into her heart.
    To love all unconditionally is my desire and my goal. Indeed in faith I will to be true.
    May all our companions on this journey feel the same comfort of the Love of the Logos unconditionally, and spread it to the world wherever they go.
    David in Spain

  10. David Tenneson 24/09/2012 at 10:48 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 8
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Middle Heart Flame, Pink Rose Chakra
    Each time we come to this point I am amazed that the vision of the Chalice is different. It is like a snapshot or Kirlian photo of the aura, telling how we are in that moment. The crystal Chalice was indeed pure crystal embellished with silver holding emerald and ruby stones of left and right, yin and yang of perfect balance round the rim. My Inner Child was as before androgynous with red curls and bright blue eyes, but this time very active and wanting to dance. When it came to the possibility of tears I thought NO not me, but at the close the eyes were indeed moist! My happy dancing child returned to the Chalice leaving me feeling joyful. The same joyous feeling that I pass on to every cell within and send to you without, wishing that you rejoice with me in the blessing of these precious moments.
    With much Love, David in Spain

  11. David Tenneson 25/09/2012 at 1:44 pm Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 9
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Emerald Lower Heart Flame Chakra of Healing and Purpose
    Recently I saw the reporting of a new channel of news that will bring positive happenings to the public, rather than the negative that seems to be the one requirement of news of the past, with the emphasis not on what we do not want but on what we want. Yes!
    I had been taught by numerous teachers and masters to ‘close down’ the Chakras after any activity like healing or meditation. I now concur wholeheartedly with Renata asking that our hearts, along with all other Chakras for that matter, remain open. Yes! The one aspect that came to me when I asked to be shown my true purpose was simply: ‘The Word’. Yes!
    The Gold and Green is such a delightful combination bringing to me the colours of my favourite time of NOW. Which I sent down to ME, flooding Avalon with Healing, Purpose and Trust. My true Purpose has only come to me now, Healing has been with me forever and Trust I am learning with patience understanding.
    Blessings of Healing and Peace to all. It is up to you to Trust.
    David in Spain.

  12. David Tenneson 26/09/2012 at 10:02 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 10
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Golden Solar Plexus Centre of Personal Power.
    This centre related also to the mind and its creative power one can see the validity of personal power existing here and linked to the wisdom of the heart. Unlike before the centre appeared to be in shadow – possibly because of the recent internal damage in this area as I experienced a ripping sensation. This centre will require a return visit for sure! As the energy was breathed out to the dark sphere at first a tightness then a relaxation was felt as the unwanted energies filled the sphere. When the Brow laser focused on the sphere it rapidly cleared, changed colour to white and then exploded into golden rain onto ME. In that moment the cloud departed and the golden yellow light of the centre shone through as a feeling of warmth and healing permeated the solar area.
    I send Golden Blessings to all in dedication to a life of service.
    David in Spain

  13. David Tenneson 27/09/2012 at 8:53 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 11
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Orange Sacral Chakra of Creativity & Sacred Sex.
    You brought a new meaning to my loss of memory today Renata, so I can let go of the past without fear. Thank you. Just love your music Steven so thank you too my friend. I think this Chakra works overtime in me! The creative aspect never stops on all levels. Wealth was never an issue as my wealth is in the relationships I have with others in form and in spirit, the figures of Quan Yin and Buddha look down on us in our Sanctuary – just realised I am wearing an orange ‘T’ today! The Hara is warm and glowing with vibrant Orange energy that I send with love to ME and to all who join us here today.
    Imagination, passion and power. Wow! What more do we need?
    May I draw your attention to a comment by Abraham that I have re-posted on:
    With Love, David in Spain

  14. David Tenneson 29/09/2012 at 10:36 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 12
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Ruby Red Base Chakra of Contracts & Relationships
    The best laid plans … yesterday we were gifted with rain we had been praying for. Unfortunately it brought floods in the south in which several lost their lives, but for us a huge storm with a west wind that decided it would blow the rain inside the house as well as watering the garden and also brought a power cut that plunged us into darkness and cut us from telephone and Internet for 7 hours. So we got away lightly! We are much blessed.
    The abandonment that I felt as a child was brought to me recently by our teachers that I now understand was a matter of necessity brought on by World War II and not actual abandonment by either parent.
    As before the red room was bare , the fire only embers but the stairway clear to the upper room. My friend Patrick was waiting for me and together with others helped me to select those scrolls and contracts no longer of value now. These were placed on the upper fire that roared away the old relationships, returning their energies to me and the Chakra to a glowing ruby.
    Blessings to all who have shared this journey with me.
    David in Spain

  15. David Tenneson 29/09/2012 at 11:01 am Permalink

    Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 13
    Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
    The Mysterious Earth Star.
    As I look at the cleansed ground, washed by yesterday’s rains it symbolises the Golden Light pouring down through us all to bless our beloved ME, Mother Earth. I have the greatest feeling of gratitude today, gratitude for our Rainbow Guides, Renata and Steven and for all who have had the courage to stay with us on this journey of mystery through our individual and clarified pasts to this momentous day. As we walk upon the Earth with every breath and every step we take, we are the lightning rods bringing the Golden Light from Heaven to Earth blessing every being and becoming as we walk the Light of the Earth. So our purpose does not finish, is not put on hold at the close of these thirteen amazing days, but continues into a brighter future than we ever thought possible through our enlightened individual purpose.
    Golden Blessings of Love and Light
    David in Spain