Life and Love

I had an amazing experience in a Yew forest under the full moon two nights ago…as dusk fell I walked into the forest but was dismayed that the shape of the land was so different to how I remembered it, the path was flatter and the trees more exaggerated. I ducked and crept through the ancient grove avoiding the sharp drooping branches of trees huge at the time of the Romans.

Under one of the most ancient I suddenly came upon a small man sitting on a stone; he introduced himself as “Simon” and was praying with a Yew twig between his fingers; we talked for a while about our life journey, he saying that he was “looking for God” and then he started whispering, I came closer to listen to his repeated words – they were “Love and Life…Love and Life”

I straightened up to leave knowing that my friends Terry and Renchie were coming into the Yew grove. Later we went to where I had met Simon but he had left…throughout the night and these following days I am experiencing that it is Life and Love that the heart within my chest knows and wishes for me to stay close with. Stretched and confused I may at times become but my heart will draw me forward towards the value of Life and Love.

Do you have experiences like this under the moon?