Magnificent Stonehenge

We are only a few days away from this year’s Sacred Journey to Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge.
This picture was taken during our ceremony within the sacred temple of Stonehenge last year. It is thought that orbs are the visible signs of angelic presence – well, as you can see in the picture, there were many angels with us on that morning just before sunrise! It was a cold and windy morning but the angels showed up to be with us during our ceremony. Some of the participants said it was the most powerful thing they had ever experienced.

Stonehenge is mysterious, magical and magnificent if you are lucky enough to be there without huge crowds of people around you.
Standing amongst the stones there is a stillness and a presence that descends and focuses all your attention within your heart as it becomes wide and open and radiant.
And it feels as if the ancient stones are speaking to you of long forgotten times, reminding you that you are no stranger to them, that they recognise the light of your soul that is shining through you in those moments of silent communion with these wise guardians.

It is difficult to do this experience justice in words – but if you join us on one of our journeys to the Heart of Gaia, you will know and feel for yourself what I mean.
I can’t wait to be there again!!