New Moon with Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow, 1st July we have a New Moon co-inciding with a Solar Eclipse.
And if that was not powerful enough, Sun, Moon, Uranus and Saturn are creating a rare and auspicious grand cross and the eclipse aligns with the great star Sirius thus creating an initiation portal that – according to astrologer Allison Rae – is linked to the Great Pyramid ad Giza, the Egyptian Goddess Isis and the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye of Cosmic Wisdom.

This is a rare cosmic event that needs to be recognised and honoured.
As the old paradigms continue to break down with ever accelerating speed this wonderful constellation in the heavens invites and urges us to open our hearts to greater love. As we release our resistance to this process of transformation we allow the spiritual awakening that is the hallmark of the coming Golden Age.

We live in a time of great change. The evolution of our consciousness demands a radical shift on all levels of our existence – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We are called to make different choices, to walk a new path that is illumined by the spiritual light of the cosmos.

So as this New Moon alignment is happening in the heavens, we invite you to go within and ask yourself:
Who am I becoming?
What am I creating?
How can I support the changes that are happening within and around me?

As you breathe the Golden Light into and through you,  remember your power and take the opportunity to move through this portal of initiation into the new reality that is already waiting for you. The energies within and around you are brimming with potential and invitation. This is the moment for breakthrough.

We are all radiant butterflies in the making.
Ho Mitakuye Oyasin – to all my relations!

PS: If you would like to read more about this New Moon Eclipse, here is the link to Allison Rae’s in-depth analysis.