Save these dolphins from captivity!

I just received an email from Avaaz about a pod of dolphins that had been captured off the coast of Samoa to become the new “tourist attraction” for a luxury resort. According to Avaaz they are kept in tiny enclosures which drives them mad as their sonar signals bounce back at them from all sides – it must be like a torture chamber for them!
I don’t know what makes people forget their integrity and connection with all life to commit such horrendous acts of cruelty. As humanity have we really come to this point where the desire for money outweighs our concerns and our obligation to ensure the wellbeing and survival of other life forms?

Ever since my magical healing experience with Fungi, the wild dolphin of Dingle Bay,  I have had a deep and wonderful connection to the dolphins. I know that even now, as I am writing this, they are aware that I am talking about them! They are highly evolved beings who choose to come to us humans to help us to heal our wound of separation and fear, festering in our hearts. It is almost impossible to describe the experience of meeting a wild dolphin – there are no words to describe the joy and the love that pours forth from them. And when they choose to give you their attention time stands still. My interaction with Fungi only lasted for a minute or so, but it totally changed my life and my health. Fungi also taught me the most important thing for my work as a healer – you have to give your all!  And this he did.

So please help save these beautiful beings from a life in captivity at the hands of people who don’t care whether the dolphins live or die. In their mind there is no problem with the dolphins not making it in captivity – they just hire another boat and catch some more.

Here is the link to the Avaaz webpage where you can sign the petition:

And please let your friends and families know about this campaign – together we can save the dolphins!
Maybe we are saving ourselves at the same time.

Much love to you all,