“Side Effects”

bald eagle in flight

Dear Liz and Sabine,

Firstly, thank you for sharing your experiences! We are really grateful for all the comments that we receive  – they show how much we are all growing and changing!

You both are experiencing what we lovingly call the “side effects” of the GLP! Imagine a pond with mud at the bottom. As soon as you start to stir up the mud, the water of the previously perfectly clear pond becomes muddy and not very nice – but only for a short time. Once the mud has left the pond, the water reflects even more beauty, clarity and stillness.

And so it is with us, too.

I invite you to be courageous and take this as a journey of exploration to see how much clearing can happen for you during these 13 days. I think you may be surprised at how much clearer everything is once you have completed the process.

And don´t forget – there are hundreds of people doing the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT at the moment, and they are all supporting you as you are supporting them.

We are with a beautiful group of people in Southern Spain, doing the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT together – it is a wonderfully uplifting experience! So much love is travelling from here to our Golden Light Family wherever you may be!

Many blessings and sincere love to you all from Steven and myself!