Soul Family has no agenda

How has your Soul Family day been?

I know that it might feel strange to many of you that there is a concept of soulfamily, so lets see what this means. Community and strong relationships with in families has been eroded away, especially in the more sophisticated societies like ours, and yet there is a deep need in all of us to grow and expand in consciousness…this is happening now more with people who we are not tied too as blood relatives. All children are our children, all old folk are you’re old folk. We can share relatives and see that everyone we meet has something to share with us in our transformation….no agenda is the mark of Soul Family.

So how has the day been for you, what experiences today will you take forward into tomorrow? The quality of your and my relationships where we can experience ourselves being accepting of others without judgement will ultimately allow the heart space to be open to unconditional love. As we move down and through the thirteen chakras of the rainbow body towards the heart we need to polish, clean and understand what is happening to us personally and in connection to all life. In reality all life is the soul family.

Tomorrow we will be moving into the past records…this is always a strong journey. We are with you, if you want to communicate use the blog page or email me I will be around to support you if you feel the need, other than that…have a wonderful meditation and know that the invisible world of spirit rejoices in our effort.

Bless you all fellow travellers….Steven