Spring Clean…


It seems that  winter is finally loosening its hold on us – thank god!
After months of cold and rain with very little sunshine everyone is longing for fresh air and warmer days. And just as we humans our houses or apartments are also in need of refreshment, as over the winter months our living space may have become a little “stuffy” 🙂
So here is a spiritual/shamanic practice that has passed the test of time with flying colours when it comes to clearing the air of impurities and ridding your living and even working environment of negative or stagnant energies. It is called “Smudging” which means cleansing with smoke, and the preferred ingredient for this cleansing ritual is the beautiful white sage, a plant long revered by the Native Americans as the cleansing herb.

The practice itself is simple, but it calls for clear focus and undivided attention in order to be most effective.

  • You will need a sage smudge stick (those can be ordered through our shop) and a fireproof container or bowl to catch any glowing embers or bits of ash coming off the stick.
  • Take a minute to focus within your heart and create a clear intention of what you want for your space.
  • Open all the windows and doors so you create a good influx of fresh air.
  • Light your smudge stick and when the sage begins to burn, blow out the flames so you are left with the smoking stick.
  • Now you begin the process of “Smudging”. Walk into every corner of each room in your house (and yes, bathrooms and toilets as well as storage spaces, cellars and garages also count as rooms in this case!). Let the smoke drift upwards and sideways and imagine that it envelops and absorbs all the unwanted and stale energies in your space, taking them with it as it leaves through the open windows and doors.
  • While doing this, hold an intention or prayer for cleansing and renewal. Ask that the energy in your house become clear, pure and supportive to you and your family’s needs and goals.
  • Invite new possibilities and creative energies into your home and imagine that you are making space for more laughter, more fun, more abundance and more love.

You can repeat this practice as often as necessary.
Often one can feel the cleansing and refreshing effects of this ancient practice right away, and if you do it regularly you will certainly find a huge difference in the energy of your home.