Staying Centred

It is a simple fact that all we experience – our tastes, feelings, seeing and hearing happen inside us! The reactions and better still responses to the extremes such as anger and pleasure are resonances to external stimuli, which we firstly recognise and then resonate to inside.

We therefore need to keep the inner chambers of our experience clear and honestly identify that which gets in the way of us being a human who is living peace.

Yes, we need teachers and Masters to help us on route, and I thank all the wonderful teachers who have helped me to navigate the inner territory of my soul. But ultimately it is up to me to daily practice going inside, becoming still and in harmony with the real world that is in reality at peace outside of me… I need to focus and stay centred.

Do you?

Or do you do just fine on a cup of PG Tips?

One Reply to “Staying Centred”

  1. Kris Yocum says:

    Thanks for that. It is so true, that if we are clear on the inside, the outside will show it’s true colors, and be beautiful. Another nudge for me to meditate daily. Thanks so much for making the Golden Light process available to us all.
    Being in the States, I don’t get to see PG Tips everywhere… so, it was a real treat when a Brit friend brought some over. Love it. Cheers!

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