Thank you….

Dear Golden Light Family,

Steven and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this GLP#11!
We found the collective energy of the group to be very focused, powerful and committed. And the golden light was strong and clear as I have never felt it before.

We have received wonderful feedback over the past 13 days – many people experienced remarkable changes and healing and a lot of clearing and release happened as we individually and collectively called the golden light into ourselves and into Mother Earth. It feels to me that as a group we have really moved forward and achieved a great deal. How this work will impact our personal and global future over the next weeks and months remains to be seen.

However, one thing I am sure about: Our efforts have not gone unnoticed by the world of spirit, and radiant blessings will come from the realms of light to those who are doing this work in service to humanity and our planet. Let us continue to remember the love in our hearts and the radiance of our true nature as unlimited beings, so that our light can shine brighter and stronger with each passing day.

We are all much loved and protected by Spirit.

Our love to you all,

Renata & Steven