The Fire of the Sun

Today has been the most wonderful day, I can see how persisting with the Golden Light project pays dividends (even better than Shell and heaps better than BP!) It is the cumulative effect of one day building upon another that is so evident. From dawn to dusk I have been supported by my own recognition of the truth in side of me. I am growing and adapting to the information pouring through; pouring through in such a clear form.

I went on the beach with Neda our dog and this wonderful new song came through. It is based upon words from a Rumi poem in which he says the sun burns a hole in his heart. This is my version, this song is for the upper magenta flame of the heart

The fire of the sun burns a hole in my heart

And the hole in my heart receives it well

The fire in my heart burns a hole in the sun

And the warmth of the sun receives it well

I sing the first and the third lines three times each and the second and fourth lines twice.

Music is such a great gift, use the voice during the day, sing in the golden light it works…do it and see! when we get to the upper heart make up your own tune and watch the warmth of the sun and the warmth of your heart merging into a golden glow.

My love and Peace go out to you all