Which Number are You?

There is wonderful magic in numbers! Do you know your birth number? This is the number that describes your purpose in this lifetime and tells you about all the talents that you have brought into this incarnation. Maybe you know your life purpose already – that’s wonderful! But do you live it? The greatest satisfaction in life comes from knowing and fulfilling your life purpose. If we don’t know why we are here, we will find ourselves confused and lost. There are too many pieces of the puzzle which seem to be missing. Likewise,  if we know what we are meant to be doing with our life, but fail to act on that knowledge, life will eventually become meaningless and lonely as we separate ourselves further and further from the gentle voice of our Highest Self, urging us to do what we came here to do.

There is one book which I have found incredibly helpful in my work with people to clarify the purpose of their life. It was written by Dan Millman (author of  Way of the Peaceful Warrior) and it is entitled THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE. It’s a book about finding the meaning of your birth number and if you have not read it yet, I really recommend that you get yourself a copy. I guarantee that you will find yourself coming back to this fantastic source of information again and again.

So, what’s your birth number then? I am a 9 and boy, do I go through my lessons!! But it’s so much easier when you know why things are the way they are!

4 Responses to “Which Number are You?”

  1. Dimitri 28/07/2010 at 9:49 pm Permalink

    So how do we calculate our Birth number Renata? Not having read the book I would guess there is an similarity in essence to the tarrot maybe? As in 4 being stability, the four Walls of a fortress, but this is purely a guess.

    Love to know a bit more, and appeals to the Pythagorean part of my mind 🙂

  2. Renata Ash 28/07/2010 at 10:19 pm Permalink

    You simply add up all the numbers in your birth date. Let’s say your birthday is 24/07/1971 – so you add up 2+4+7+1+9+7+1 = 31/ 3+1 = 4. So your birth number would be a 31/4. According to Dan Millman the characteristics of an individual working 4 as their life purpose are the pursuit of stability and security. Whereas security and stability are desirable for anyone, for a number 4 person they form the core of their life purpose. Their challenge and their life lesson is that in order to create stability in the outer world they first need to find a sense of inner stability. Only then will they be able to reach their goals in the world.
    There is of course a lot more that can be said about the challenges and gifts of a 4 person particularly with regard to which numbers add up to the 4 (i.e. 31,22,13..), and the book explains the complexities of numerology in a very clear and succinct way. Well worth the investment!

  3. Dimitri 29/07/2010 at 10:44 pm Permalink

    Eh, cool thanks Renata, I wasn’t far off the mark but as you say, the detail is in the double digit result in conjunction with the single…. Now let’s see….. clank, clink, whir, fizz (brain trying to do some arithmetic workings) 34!…. so that’s 7 for me then. So to be very simple, 7 equates to…. dum-de-dum, ah yes “the chariot” movement… Ah it’s been so long since I “played” with the tarot.

    My Thoth pack to the rescue 🙂

    Number: 7 as the number of earthly and divine harmony (3+4), destiny, motion

    The Chariot stands for combined powers, ready to move forward. It represents the dynamic principle and the human will to proceed, the ability to use the powers of life and keep the outer and inner balance. It also alludes to the armour we may build on that journey and the negtove aspects..

    I wonder what numbers everyone else has? My wife’s are good: 11 = 2 and she absolutely Is a w***h ….. In a good way of course.

  4. Renata Ash 31/07/2010 at 11:01 pm Permalink

    Wow, Dimitri, you have got one powerful lady as your wife! 11 is all the qualities of the 1 but in double quantities!! So much creativity and a good dose of confidence, too!
    And the 34/7 is about trust, patience, emotional expression and having faith in the power of spirit operating in one’s life. That’s not an easy path to follow – the solution lies in trusting the mystery and wisdom of life in oneself and in others and letting yourself be carried by the river of life instead of trying to swim upstream instead. I love numerology! The advice is so clear and simple – however, following through is definitely not always easy!