Winter Solstice 2010

Dear Golden Light Community,

As I am writing this we are about to enter the longest night of the year – and this year the descent into darkness is emphasised even further by the total eclipse that will be starting a few hours from now.

2010 has been a very difficult and traumatic year for many of us. It seems that  all the issues and conflicts that we had successfully suppressed and stuffed down  for a long time were brought into the open by an invisible power  that would not allow anything to remain hidden any longer. And the turmoil on the personal level was mirrored in our world by catastrophies, natural disasters and conflicts. Now this Solstice is forcing us to look even deeper at the issues that we would rather leave untouched because dealing with them takes away our illusory feelings of security and control.

Over the past few months Steven and I were forced to look deeply at our own lives and let go of the illusion of control. It was time for us to decide whether we were willing to let go and trust completely the divine guidance that we were receiving.  We were asked to step into the unknown and release everything that we held dear, everything that was important to us, back into the hands of Spirit. Nothing less than complete trust in the Divine and a total surrender of our personal will was asked from us. We had entered the dark night of the soul and there was nothing but our own inner light to show us the way; sometimes we saw clearly, at other times we could not see at all.

As painful as this time has been for us, I am deeply grateful for the transformation, the understanding and the gifts it brought  – more lightness, deeper trust and a greater willingness to follow the divine guidance as it is revealed to us step by step – even if it is leading us nowhere near into the direction that we had wanted to go. We feel more at peace – with life, with the world around us and with ourselves.

If you are also going through a dark night of the soul at this time then I wish for you that in the end it too will bring you to a state of peace, in which it becomes easier to surrender and trust the divine plan as it manifests through each and everyone of us. Let this Solstice take you into the darkness of your own shadow and surrender to the process, knowing that your own inner light will see you through, that your angels are always by your side and that the shadow is only dark because it has not yet been exposed to the radiance of your true nature.

Every time we face our shadow honestly and with courage we are birthing a new self and our inner light shines brighter and stronger. May this Solstice bring you a greater awareness of your own inner light and the power of your heart to guide you towards your Highest Good.

We love you for who you are.

Happy Solstice!

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  1. Wendy Harmic says:

    Dear Renata and Steven,
    Thank you for the beautiful letter and for sharing your personal situation. This is indeed a special time for regrouping, drawing inward to our ineer guidance and strength. The calm peaceful message of trust in your inner guidance and surrender to the now are so illuminating and positive. Thanks for the reminder.
    I look forward to joining you in February for the next GLP round.
    Many blessings and much love to you and all your loved ones. May your path be as bright and shining to you as you are to us. 🙂

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