You are a Masterpiece

Hand made drum by Steven Ash 2012

Steven created this magnificent drum just before the start of the GLP12. The artwork is based on the geometric shape of the water molecule whose two hydrogen atoms are attached to the oxygen atom at a very precise angle of 104.7 degrees.

For me this picture is the perfect illustration of the human rainbow body with the chalice of the three heart flames drawing the observer into the centre of his/her own being. This is who we are – amazing beings of energy, each radiating their own indiviual frequencies of colour and light. Although Steven has had many requests for making a similar drum for other people, I know that none of the drums to be born will be exactly the same as this one – she is unique, a masterpiece that was created to bring beauty and harmony to the people looking at her.

And so it is with each one of us. We are all unique, we are all masterpieces, even though most of the time we can’t see it or we are unable to believe it, because the “evidence” of our ordinary 3D reality convinces us that we are unimportant and ordinary. The Golden Light Project was created to remind us of the divinity of our true nature. This programme comes from the realms of light where the Masters are waiting for us to wake up – to accept ourselves as divine sparks and act accordingly.

To all of you, who participated in the Golden Light Projects up to this point in time, I want to say: thank you for sticking it out, for facing your shadow and embracing it in order to bring it into the light. Thank you for your commitment to your own growth and the role you play in the process of global transformation. Thank you for your courage and your love.

The Golden Light Project #13 will begin a new cycle of meditations to help you adjust to the new energies of the Golden Age and ride the waves of upcoming change graciously and peacefully. No doubt our personal and collective growth process will continue but we will have the opportunity to choose where we want to be. We can either continue in the present reality or have the courage to let go of the familiar and step off the cliff into the unknown and new. The choice is ours, but choose we must. Not choosing is not an option.

I am confident that each member of our Golden Light Family has now the tools and the understanding to make the right choices. The next cycle of work beginning with GLP#13 will support you in doing so.

Much love and thank you again for being part of our Golden Light Community!