Why do people go to sacred sites?
There is an inherent longing in each of us to reconnect with a part of ourselves that we may have lost sight of in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We know that something is missing and yet we don’t know what it is or how we can find that precious something again.

Sacred Sites hold this knowledge for us. It is embedded deep into the earth of these ancient places together with the prayers of thousands of pilgrims who have visited these sites since time immemorial. It oozes from the stone sentinels that have guarded these sacred places for thousands of years.

Coming into the harmony of heaven and earth that is forever present and accessible at these places of power brings us back into balance and reawakens us to the true nature of our being as divine energy in a human body. In this energy our hearts can open to the light and love of Spirit and once our souls are reconnected to the true essence of our being our lives will truly take on a different and much more enlightened course.

Sacred sites are like windows into another dimension where we can regenerate, heal and strengthen our inner light to fill the chalice, the holy grail of our heart.

These places of power allow us to heal the past and find new hope for our lives.
It is here that we are reminded that we are all part of a greater whole and that there is a plan, a divine blueprint that our sould and spirit know about and have been part of since the beginning of time.