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Rainbow Essences Home & OrderingIf you are familiar with Flower Essences and their use, then you will be very interested in our Rainbow Essences….

As you can see, they are very powerful, and work on the emotional aspect of the individual. To learn more and to buy them please browse the Rainbow Essences in our shop. If you are interested in courses or training in how to use these powerful tools, please contact us with your inquiry.

What are Rainbow Essences?

We all have places, people or things that we love and that make us feel happy, comfortable or peaceful. That’s positive healing energy at work. When our energy is out of balance, we can find ourselves stuck in fearful and uncomfortable situations and behaviours.

Rainbow Essences are made by tapping into the source of positive energies from around the world – crystals, flowers,water from special and sacred sites – and combining them, tuning each essence to particular areas (chakras) on and around the body.

The result is a precious liquid, a solution of water, brandy and imprinted positive energy, which works with you to restore equilibrium in your life.

The Rainbow Essences – put simply – are little bottles of vibrational healing energy…..

What can the Rainbow Essences do for me?

Rainbow Essences are the perfect tool for those times when you feel ‘out of balance’. It may be that you are stressed by life, work and relationships. Or perhaps you are being affected by a huge life event, such as moving house, changing jobs, a new baby or the loss of a friend or loved one.

All these events can affect how we feel and throw our energy into disarray. You may be feeling sad, lost, helpless or fearful – these are emotions that block us and keep us from being whole and happy.

Rainbow Essences are designed to create a state of ‘balance’ in your energy field which will help you to calm your emotions, see things clearly and allow you to begin the perfectly natural process of healing your own hurts and imbalances.

How do I use the Rainbow Essences?

The easiest and most common way to benefit from the Rainbow Essences is to put 6 – 9 drops of your selected essences into a glass of water and sip it gradually. You can do this as often as you need to and until you experience a positive shift in your state of well-being.

Alternatively, you can add Rainbow Essences to a spray bottle filled with water and spray liberally around your living or work space as appropriate. You can also put a few drops of essence into the palms of your hands and gently move your hands around your head and torso which distributes the essences into your energy field.

One of the nicest and most relaxing ways to use Rainbow Essences is to add a few drops of your chosen essences to a warm bath and enjoy letting the stress float away.

How do I select which Essences I need?

Rainbow Essences work in synergy with you and with each other, so we recommend that you select the ones that resonate most with you. Whether you are guided by the colour of the label, the name of the essence or the affirmation that accompanies it, you will always be guided towards the most helpful essences at that moment. Just trust your intuition and know that your choices are always perfect.

We have used our knowledge of which essences work best in certain situations to put together some combination sets which you can find in our shop. These sets are designed to make it easy for you to familiarise yourself with our essences and to experience for yourself how well they work. But the most powerful way of working with the Rainbow Essences is to select the essences that you feel attracted to at any given moment.

Why are Rainbow Essences important now?

There is a great deal of growth and evolution going on in the human race at the moment. Lots of people are noticing it, and many are wondering what on Earth is going on!

There has been a significant change to our energy fields that has evolved over the last 50 years. This change has been noticed, investigated and mapped by practitioners who work with energy.

Traditional remedies and healing models,both conventional and alternative, based on what was known last century are now outdated, and will not achieve the results needed. They do not take this tremendous evolution into account.

In fact it was this evolutionary leap that was the catalyst for the development of Rainbow Essences. They are a powerful new generation of flower and gem stone essence combinations that are precisely tuned to all of the chakras, including the new ones in the evolving human energy field. They are designed to promote balance and remove resistance to change, thus allowing each person’s life to flourish and unfold fully. This state of harmony and connectedness is the basis for the activation of our self-healing potential in all areas of our lives.

Today’s Healing

Among the natural approaches to health and well being vibrational remedies have fast become the cutting edge healing and transformational tool of the 21st century.

Human needs with regard to healing have changed with time and so have the medicine systems used to support our health. We cannot expect to achieve the desired results with remedies and healing models that were appropriate in the last century but are now outdated because they do not take into account the tremendous evolution and refinement of our energy body over the past 50 years. Nowadays scientists are actually beginning to find ways to prove that the human body is based on light. Gone are the days when words like “life energy” and “aura” were confined to a few books hidden away in a tiny section of some New Age shop. Now scientists all over the world are studying the energies that drive – and in all likelihood even govern – life itself.

Eastern traditions have been based on this premise for thousands of years, but until recently western medicine in its restricting focus on separate parts of the human body has been slow to accept these ancient truths.

There is an emerging generation of scientists who recognize that a far more powerful approach to healing is one that is based on physics and not on chemistry.

Many therapists nowadays accept the premise that your body is not only made up of tissue, blood vessels and organs. It’s also composed of energy, or chi as it’s called in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

But our bodies are also surrounded by energy which expresses itself as light. The existence of this light was scientifically proven by Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, a German scientist, in 1974. He concluded from his research that our physical health is dependent not only on what goes on inside of our bodies, but is also connected with and dependent on other non-physical levels of energy, such as the energy/light surrounding our body, which he called the biophoton field.

In very simple terms, our biophoton field can be viewed as a highly sophisticated computer that processes, stores and retrieves information that is then used to regulate our biological processes. We are truly magnificent beings, glowing with energy and light and capable of creating for ourselves perfect health, perfect life circumstances and the perfect expression of our innate abilities and talents.

The Rainbow Essences were created from the understanding that we are not only physical bodies but also highly evolved energy beings capable of so much more than we currently believe possible. They are a powerful new generation of gem stone and flower essence combinations that are precisely tuned to the chakras (energy portals) and the human energy field. Designed to remove resistance and limiting beliefs that we hold in our chakras and in our biophoton field they support us in creating a state of balance within this field that allows us to experience harmony, abundance, happiness and fulfilment in our lives.

Rainbow Essences contain exquisite flower and gem stone frequencies together with the energetic signature of sacred power places like Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kailash and the African bush to name just a few. They are created in sacred ceremony and carry the message of water from over 2000 water sources and sacred springs and the vibrational frequencies of significant astrological events which have influenced and shaped humanity and our world over the past 20 years. Each essence combination is a finely tuned star of coherent light, perfectly balanced between sunlight, water, gemstones and flowers.

Rainbow Essences work in perfect synergy with each other and with the person choosing them. Even after 18 years of working with them we still discover new facets and possibilities with and through them.

For us these essences came at a time filled with the pain of losing our baby daughter Rosie. The Rainbow Essences® enabled us to accept her short life and graceful death as a gift rather than a trauma that would stay with us for the rest of our lives. Through the gentle healing energies of flowers, trees, crystals and sacred places we found peace, strength and acceptance replacing the despair of losing a child.

Since then we have witnessed beautiful experiences and powerful changes through the Rainbow Essences® in the lives of many people. They are constant companions for us and our children, always ready to ease stresses and strains and to help us flow with life more easily. I used them with my beloved mother so she could transition peacefully from this life into the next dimension as well as with myself to give her the freedom to go when her time had come. And as so many years before these great healers helped me to experience grace easing the pain of loss as she breathed her last breath.

It is our greatest wish to bring the blessings of the Rainbow Essences into the lives of other people who feel stressed, lost and overwhelmed by life. For all these people we wish that peace and happiness may replace their despair, confusion, doubts and frustration as they connect to their true strength and beauty.

For all questions and advice please contact our dedicated helpline on 01903 – 787 512. Personal telephone consultations with Renata or Steven are also available.

Rainbow Essences Home & Ordering