Positive Impact!

The Rainbow Essences, courses and workshops are making a really positive impact in many people’s lives, as the small selection of lovely testimonials below show.

When I first took the essences I felt a sense of peace and stillness come upon me, and this is still continuing to a certain extent. I have a feeling that, as for many people, shifts and changes are occurring for me and my life and that the essences are contributing strongly to it for which I am very grateful.
Claire Montanaro, Inlumino Global, UK

Since I have started to work intensively with the Rainbow Essences, the huge wall which I built around myself so long ago is beginning to crumble and my heart feels so much more open and free.
Marian, CH

Whilst I am writing I just wanted to say that your Rainbow Essences are brilliant and I use them every day as part of my healing work. Thank you for bringing them forward and keep up the good work!
Chris, UK

I bought a set of Rainbow Essences from you a while ago and I have been using them almost every day since then. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect the essences are that I choose for myself each day – it’s become a tracking tool for my life!
Sarah, UK

I have a huge collection of various essences and yesterday I needed to do some work which I knew was going to be big. I felt hugely in tune with the essences and really able to feel them through me and yours were the purest there were. Afterwards I was told that this is because of the very special way you manufacture them ensuring that only the very best parts of you and of everything are there. Thank you!
Tony, UK

Last month I bought a full therapy set of Rainbow Essences – they are fantastic! Thanks again for your fabulous products and your support!
Monique, NL

I was seriously suffering with an agonizing pain in my lower back and no form of healing had worked. However, as soon I started to take the essences I felt improvement. The essences really helped within a week. So miracle, and wonderful, thank you!
Amura, UK

The essences together with meditation have helped me get out of the depressive state I had been in for nearly 4 years after the death of my mother. I still miss her but I have come up and out of the depression and accepted the fact that I did what I could at the time.
Giusi, UK

I am using your essences and I am sure they are part of an incredible change helping me to make new connections. Thank you for these wonderful essences!
Rose, UK

Some time ago I bought your Rainbow Essences and they always help me to find my true self again, when I am feeling down. Now I have also discovered your Rainbow Music and I know I will love it very much! I am looking forward to listening to it in the comfort of my home! Thank you!
Doris, DE

I am so glad to have the Rainbow Essences – they really help me especially now during this difficult time.
Elisabeth, CH

I notice again and again that the Rainbow Essences are very powerful and don’t cause any adverse primary reactions but instead it feels like people are surrounded by an invisible protection that allows them to go through their processes with ease and grace.
Bachblütenshop, AT