Laser Energized Rainbow Essences Therapy Set


20 x 10ml Essences Nr. 1 – 20

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This is a complete set of our Rainbow Essences® Nr. 1 – 20 with added laser light activation to combine the power of coherent light with the harmonizing frequencies of crystals and plants. We recommend this set for therapists and people who are already familiar with working with high frequency vibrational tools to activate their self-healing potential.
We use a unique holographic laser technology developed by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys.

This laser light is cool in nature and powerfully affects molecular structures by activating them into their optimum vibratory state and potential.
The extraordinary effects of the Rainbow Essences® in transforming and dissolving energetic blockages on all levels of our existence are further enhanced through the laser activation.
Laser energised Rainbow Essences® may be used internally in the same way as the Original Therapy Set. In addition they can be applied externally on the skin, preferably on acupuncture points and energy centres (chakras). They are also a powerful tool for people who practice Earth Healing.

We offer regular workshops as well as professional training courses for people who want to gain a clearer understanding about their own energetic nature and how it is affected by the new energy dynamics of the 21st century and the unparalleled opportunity for personal and planetary transformation and growth offered through the Rainbow Essences®.

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