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11:11:11 Portal Activation Meditation

A Celebration of oneness & love …   The 11:11 gateway provides the potential for accelerated growth through the activation of higher dimensional layers of our DNA. It is a portal for divine grace to pour onto our planet and into our lives bringing with it vast spiritual energies and the opportunity for expansion into […]

Golden Light Project within the rich milk of Imbolc

Hello fellow travellers, So we’re off again finding our way into balance within the great cycles. Winter is now moving speedily into spring, the daffodil bulbs are stretching themselves out of the frozen soil. They watch the seasons like you and I do awaiting the push towards  warmth, happiness and expression, this comes as a […]

Golden Light Project No.4

On September 6th we will be starting the GLP 4 Guided Meditation Project Another opportunity for us all to get up to speed with the changing consciousness, Renata and I do it too you know! Each time the solstice or equinox comes around we have 13 days of focus…whats happening…whats changing in me…how can I […]